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Burning South African Parliament houses Freemasonic secret temple

by Mandla Ndlovu
03 Jan 2022 at 19:51hrs | Views
The currently burning South African Parliament ground is home to the Lodge De Goede Hoop an old, white, plastered building that is a temple to one of the oldest secret societies in South Africa, the Freemasons.

According to legend, Freemasonry was introduced in South Africa in the 18th century and Freemasons sold the land on which Parliament stands to the Government for £1 on condition that should Parliament move, the land had to be sold back to the Freemasons for the same price

The lodge at Parliament, known as De Goedehoop Temple, was built in 1772 when masonry was established in the Cape.

The South African opposition Economic Freedom Fighters have called for parliament to relocate to Gauteng for purpose of uniting the administration.

The building was inaugurated as the first Masonic temple in South Africa in 1803 and is still used daily by its members.

The Freemason website describes the building as follows:

People say the Freemasons are on parliamentary grounds, but that's not true. Actually, Parliament is on Freemasonry grounds.

Governments rise and fall, but one thing remains constant in the precincts of parliament in cape town: 235-year old Masonic lodge. Few know that an old and venerable temple of the ancient and mysterious brotherhood of Freemasons exists in the parliamentary complex. But De Goede Hoop Temple was built long before Parliament.

The Cape government of the time and the Freemasons were so intertwined that the Cape Parliament used the masonic banquet hall as a venue from 1854 to 1884 until the old House of Assembly was completed.

The organisation, regarded as among the most mysterious in the world, is all about money, power and secret handshakes, its detractors whisper. There are many conspiracy theories, alleged links with murders, and those who believe the Freemasons "planted the seeds" of apartheid.

Others say that from the organisation's inception in the 14th century, it has been the secret hand that is quietly ruling the world.

Source - Byo24News/ Freemasons