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Zanu-PF members caught pants down removing CCC posters in Dangamvura Chikanga Constituency

by Fanuel Chinowaita
17 Feb 2022 at 12:48hrs | Views
Zanu pf members in Chikanga Dangamvura were caught red handed removing Citizens Coalition for Change by election campaigning posters last week. 

Speaking to CCC Youth Chairperson for Dangamvura Chikanga Constituency Byron Muyambo, he said the posters were removed by a Zanu pf woman called Tendai Mundipazano and he has reported the case to Dangamvura Police. 

"On 10 February as we were putting our posters around Chirowakamwe, a certain woman voewed to remove our posters. She said she will is a Zanu pf member for she grew up and educated by Zanu pf money because her parents are War Veterans. 

"We thought maybe she was joking, but on 11 February, i was called and advised that the posters have been removed," he said. 

In addition, in Hobhouse, a Zanu pf Youth leader by the name Emmanuel is also leading a team of Zanu pf Youths to remove CCC posters. 

This was confirmed by Ward 17  Councillor candidate for Citizens Coalition for Change John Nyamhoka. 

He said, "Emmanuel is removing all the Posters we put in this ward and replaced them with his party's. 

"This is not good, Zanu pf must put it's own posters without removing ours." 

Removing other party's posters is a violation of electoral act.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita