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'Deport all foreigners en masse' Ramaphosa told

by Mandla Ndlovu
22 Feb 2022 at 12:51hrs | Views
Extremist xenophobic group #PutSouthAfricaFirst has called upon South African President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa to initiate the deportation of undocumented immigrants in the neighboring country.

In a letter issued by the organization on Tuesday, the group's Secretary-General Kwena Molekwa South Africa should not document immigrants because it will encourage more foreigners to come to South Africa.

#PutSouthAfricaFirst has been working together with other extremist Afrophobic groups; Patriotic Alliance led by ex-convict Gayton Mckenzie and #OperationDudula led by Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini. The United States of America has been alleged to be funding the group in an effort to chase foreigners to go and destabilize governments led by Former Liberation Movements.

Read the full letter below:

South Africans have shown Ubuntu to all Migrants regardless of nationality. We have lived with them for many decades & quietly peacefully and amicably. That's is why our grandmothers would talk about Amazinzimbane a word from Zanzibaris, the Muslim African who migrated in the early 20th century & made a good living in KZN, that is why our grandmothers would talk about amaNyasa, the Malawian immigrants who mostly worked in Mines. Those that stayed still made a good life for themselves and some of the best tailors in Pretoria & Johannesburg are still Malawians from the root.

None of these people were hated, there was mutual respect & there was reciprocated Goodwill. indeed if you want to know how South Africans are, you need to look no further in what today the media, government officials are portraying, if South Africans were “Xeno-, Afro” or any other phobic none of these people would have ever been integrated into our communities throughout South Africa.

Today the mass Immigration seen in South Africa is the reason why South Africans are crying and concerned. What happened yesterday in Rosetenville is another eye-opener, following the Gqeberha violence on hardworking South African taxi owners, not forgetting the 7 women killed in Seshego & 12 year old who was fed drugs & raped in Pretoria, many more horrific events throughout the country.

The Ministers are in denial & Ministers are out of touch with the lived realities of the people, & our Country's President is not concerned.

So far all South Africans have gotten are insults, name-calling, and disingenuous emotional blackmail.

We are calling on Government & the President to attend to this National Security threat imposed by illegal foreigners who can't be traced after committing crimes in the country. Mass deportations of all illegal foreigners are the solution. We can‘t document illegal foreigners as that would encourage more people to come to the country illegally, Protect & Prioritize South Africa.

Source - Byo24News