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ZANU PF criticism of local authorities sounds just as "hateful and confrontational" as they accuse CCC of opposing government!

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana
07 Mar 2022 at 06:28hrs | Views
The ZANU PF regime has never relented on its accusations of the main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party of supposedly always being in the habit of criticizing the government, instead of cooperating for the greater good of the country.

Is that not why president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa even established the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) platform - ostensibly, to end the "politics of hate" - so as to engage and dialogue, instead of confrontation?

This thinking by ZANU PF, appeared to be premised on the mistaken belief that, opposition parties should actually support and work with the ruling party - as opposed to acting as an alternative government, as they should, which is mandated to hold the incumbent to account, and offer different policies and programs in opposition to those by the people in power.

Basically, what the Zimbabwe administration expects is an opposition that is really not an opposition - but, just as we have witnessed with POLAD, a mere lame and docile appendage of the ruling party, whose criticism of the regime is more facetious and fictitious, than serious and genuine.

Well, if such are the sincere views of ZANU PF - why are they not leading by example (or rather, opposing by example) in their relationship with opposition-led local authorities?

Besides, is ZANU PF not the opposition in most of the country's towns and cities?

So, why are the people of Zimbabwe not seeing this "opposition cooperating with the government" - contrary to the "politics of hate and confirmation" - in action?

Why is ZANU PF not cooperating with the opposition in formulating solutions for the myriad of challenges being faced in our urban areas - instead, of the continued "politics of hate and confrontation" the nation has been subjected to for the past two decades (ever since the opposition took over these towns and cities), more so, during election time?

Whenever those in ZANU PF have opened their mouths - especially, in the current pre-March 26, 2022 by-elections season - there has been nothing but criticism after criticism of opposition-run councils.

Should the ruling party not actually be pushing for a "local government POLAD" - whereby, ZANU PF sits, and is only heard issuing placid statements, and timid condemnation of how the opposition is running affairs?

Is that not how they expect a "patriotic" opposition to behave?

Are we to say that, ZANU PF leaders are not patriotic, in their apparent concerted efforts in always denigrating the "ruling establishment" in our towns and cities?

Of course, if ZANU PF were to cooperate with the opposition - the very sky above us would fall down, and crash onto earth!


Well, it is quite simple and straightforward!

ZANU PF knows fully well that, what the main opposition CCC has been doing (even when still the MDC Alliance) was what was expected under any normal democracy.

There is no real opposition party in a truly democratic country, under the face of the sun, that would reduce itself into a shameful puppet and praise-singer of the ruling elite - under the guise of rejecting the "politics of hate and confrontation".

The basic tenets of any democracy is the presence of an opposition that is unapologetically and fiercely anti-government, and anti-ruling party.

Under such conditions - the government is always kept on its toes, and constantly held accountable for their every deed and decision.

Indeed, as much as criticism is better when constructive - nonetheless, even criticism for the sake of criticism is fair game, as the opposition would be the government-in-waiting, and needs to do whatever it takes to win public support, even by denigrating, or destroying the image of the incumbent.

That is democracy at work!

ZANU PF knows this fact!

That is why they have been showing this by their incessant bashing of the opposition on the manner in which they have run urban areas.

There is no POLAD there!

If ZANU PF can not handle the scrutiny, pressure, and criticism from the genuine opposition on the national stage - then, they are not mature enough for democracy.

As the saying goes - "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"!

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana