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Joshua Maponga apologises to Ndebeles over Gukurahundi rant

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Mar 2022 at 10:23hrs | Views
Former Seventh Day Adventist Bishop Joshua Maponga has issued an apology to the people of Zimbabwe after he posted an article saying the people of Matabeleland should forgive the Shona people of the Gukurahundi genocide because the Founding father of the Ndebele nation King Mzilikazi also killed Shona people when he arrived in present-day Zimbabwe.

His article caused so much controversy with other commentators saying Maponga was insensitive to the grieving families that lost their loved ones.

Read his apology below:

I come in peace, not in war with an olive branch in hand and a white cloth as a flag. if one man came from heaven and the world was saved, I also have come that the Ndebele nation can be saved. The events of 1980-87 are inexcusable and have left a deep scar on the historical face of our beautiful country.

My sincere condolences to the families that have buried their loved ones and those that continue to cry not knowing where the bones of their relatives are.

No amount of money or apology can re-pay for a lost life. As a nation, we need to uphold the sanctity of life, make monuments and promise each other that this will never happen again. The Ndebele clans and the Shona clans need to find a table and like Joseph break bread and wash each other's feet.

The resilience of a nation is proved when a sea shell is pierced to release the sweet perfume. The strength of forgiveness can the emulated from Rwanda where the orphans and widows were taken to live with the families of those who had caused the funeral.

The only way forward for this great nation is to build a New Dzimbabgwe. To rebuild the ancient walls of Khamis, Restore the traditions and Culture. of this grand Nation we have to look at the success story of other Nations and emulate to map a Narrative and leave for our children a legacy of victory over pain hatred, mistrust is to forgiveness.

To forgive is divine and to err is human. the opportunities are enormous and to share the enormous wealth of this Nation is a possibility and a bright future. I look forward that in my lifetime this Nation will rise from cancer hatred has caused to the prosperity we all desire, a family divided will not stand the enemies without. '"Confession' and 'Forgiveness' as a strategy for development in post-genocide Rwanda" according to Anne Kubai, "is a determination for reconciliation for social, political and economic reconstruction"

I submit this work as a bedrock for the painful reconsolidation task and process at hand.

After a late-night round Table on I had a privilege to continue this unity conversation in search of a peaceful solution over the sad unfortunate tragedy post "Gukurahundi" genocide. Given an opportunity for war or peace, I chose peace and reconciliation.

I therefore unequivocally on behalf of the Svosve Tribe, the "Shona" Nation, the Army, would like to offer a public unreserved apology to the Ndebele nation at large. I apologise for the lives lost and persuade my "Uncles" (boMalume bami), my mothers to forgive My fathers and clans for the deaths. I stand here in my personal capacity as your grandchild and say "uxolo, siyaxholisa nokuzithoba mahlabezulu".

The way forward will be to mobilise the concerned parties, the victims of this tragedy -to take a leading role d come to the table to find peace

-to build a monument in memory of this history
-to allow for cultural cleansing of the land of the blood that was spiller
-to write an accurate narrative which truthfully accounts for these events
-to allow for the preservation of language and correct education of this history
-to rebuild trust and the economy of Matebeland
-to participate meaningfully in the ideology of the New Republic the Dzimbabgwe dream of a prosperous nation.
-to meaningfully compensate the loss of lives and integration of Matebeland into the mainstream economy, by deliberately allowing the flow of investments and infrastructure into this region.

Those in the Mashonaland clans who in memory hold on the grudges of the 18th century can in turn also build a monument of this history and preserve it. The two clans can build this nation and the future is brighter in unity.

I sincerely offer my life and services toward this noble task and would have lived a meaningful life to see my family Dzimbabgwe eating on the same plate and our children marrying each other. Muchongoyo and inquzu being danced as families unite

The articles I had written will not be published but remain in my achieves as they brought more pain than healing. I apologise for untimely publishing, and possibly the angle is had taken to the historical background which was unfortunately not deemed as key for the debate at hand. It was the honest feeling of the panel that for now we focus squarely at the Gukurahundi and start a meaningful engagement as a nation.

I once more lift up my hands and offer this uncoerced apology in the spirit of "Asakhane" .umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, maungenabo Ubuntu uyinto!

I will allow the team at "Asakhane" to advise as we champion this noble cause

Your True Mshana

Maponga J iii Mara-Rah Ncube Mzilankata Skosana U Baloo Mfene Ujambase Lisa uHlati
Inkatha kayingen'endlini,
Yangena kubola izinkaba zabantwana,
Nina bakaNkomo zilal'uwaca,
Ezamadojeyana zilal'amankengana,
Malandel'ilanga umaliyoshon'emaNcubeni,
Mpangazitha, Magasolo,
Nina basebuhlen'obungangcakazi,
Abadl'embeleni wenkomo kungafanele,
Kwakufanel'udliwe ngabalandakazi,
Nina bakaDambuza Mthabathe,
Nina basemaNcubeni enabalekel'uShaka naziphons'emfuleni,
Kwakhuz'abantu benifihla,
naphenduk' abakaKhambule,
Nafik' eSwazini naphenduk'uNkambule,
Mncube umfene onsundu ngezinyawo zakho,
Wen'oyithath'iNkosi uyibek'enhlabelweni,
Nina baseSilutshana,
Nin'enakhelana noMbunda,
Nina bakaMaweni,
Bayethe Mncaphayi, Shezi,
Let's build these walls and pave the path of Peace Mahlabezulu!

Source - Byo24News