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Hopewell Chin'ono blasts Ramaphosa over #OperationDudula

by Mandla Ndlovu
01 Apr 2022 at 08:38hrs | Views
Journalist Hopewell Chin'ono has blasted the President of South Africa over reports that the xenophobic vigilante group #OperationDudula had the backing of the ruling party the African National Congress. 

On Friday the Mail and Guardian reported that the xenophobic group has garnered support from political parties including the ANC, which contends it has been far too flexible in dealing with undocumented immigrants. 

Writing to Ramaphosa on Twitter, Chin'ono said:
Dear President @CyrilRamaphosa

I am greatly disappointed that @MYANC has been reduced to this!
ANC helps create a crisis in Zimbabwe by endorsing rigged elections, Zim’s economy dies.
Zimbabweans go to SA, ANC creates a vigilante group.
This is the lowest of the low sir!

The publication quoted ANC Spokesperson Pule Mabe who said,"We must hasten to warn those that want to use the word xenophobia to affirm wrongful conduct: you can't have foreign nationals going and capturing Yeoville, some without legitimate documents, and when they are approached they want to cry xenophobia. Pan-African [sic], xenophobia must never be used to affirm an entrenched illegality."
Mabe said the ANC has been too flexible in dealing with foreigners.
"We have been way too flexible; it's time we now act to protect South Africans and we act against those who are here illegally. We accept foreign nationals, for as long as they are here legitimately, no problem. If it's work, have a permit. Show that you are bringing a scarce skill. 
"We understand what other African countries did to help South Africa dismantle the apartheid machinery, but this can't lead to a permanent thinking that some who come from those countries can even come and abuse the laws of the republic. There is empathy for organisations such as Dudula for as long as they operate under conditions of law. Actually we need more voices like that." 

Source - Byo24News