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Zanu-PF condemns SA brutal murder

by Staff reporter
09 Apr 2022 at 08:15hrs | Views
Zanu-PF has condemned the brutal murder of a Zimbabwean national, Elvis Nyathi, in Diepsloot, northern Johannesburg, by South African vigilante groups.

While Zimbabwe is still in shock over the gruesome murder of Nyathi (43), originally from Chief Malaba's area under Matobo District, the opposition CCC sought to score cheap political goals which Zanu-PF spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa described as dismaying.

Mutsvangwa said in the latest skirmishes, xenophobic attacks are being directed at Zimbabweans and other Africans who have moved into South Africa.

"Zanu-PF continues to engage the South African authorities through diplomatic and other channels so that due safeguards and protection is accorded to all who may find themselves in South Africa in accordance with international law and humane norms.

"Zanu-PF as a sister party to the ANC governing party of South Africa will always repose its trust and confidence in the brotherly government of South Africa to handle attendant matters so that the blemish that is xenophobia is erased in continental economic and socio-political affairs.

"By the same token, Zanu-PF is dismayed and appalled by attempts from the opposition CCC and right-wing racist circles to colour patent xenophobic criminality with extraneous political garbage", he said.

Mutsvangwa also pooh-pooed the blatant attacks on the Government by CCC.

"Specifically, Zanu-PF scoffs at and condemns the specious linkage of xenophobic attacks to fallacious economic rationalisation of the blatant attack on the Zimbabwe economy by the post-imperial West since the historic land restitution to the black majority at the turn of the century.

"This only serves to expose condonation if not implicit complicity of the opposition CCC outfit in the divide and rule antics harking back to the imperial debauchery of the 18th century.

"The murderous criminality hatched by pro-West shadowy and racist white vigilante groups of the post-apartheid era has no place in the New African century".

As a seasoned former National Liberation Movement that fought a war, we bear memories of the murderous exploits of shadowy  Selous Scouts, Koevoet, BOSS and Civil Cooperation Bureau in their  ‘special operations' and ‘false flag' barbarism.

Mutsvangwa said the ruling party, which waged a brutal war against white supremacists, is well too aware of ‘'the murderous exploits of shadowy Selous Scouts, Koevoet, BOSS and Civil Cooperation Bureau in their ‘special operations' and ‘false flag' barbarism'.

"These acts of a dying post-imperial order are indelibly etched in our minds of historical torment. Racist white vigilantes in South Africa are a desperate take off from the unfolding frustration. This spells the stark failure that is now facing ZDERA (Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act) and other western sanctions against Zimbabwe as President EDM and his Second Republic engineer a spectacular revival and rebound in the economy of Zimbabwe".

Mutsvangwa railed against the opposition for being anti-Zimbabwe and also feigning to be democrats when their conduct proves otherwise.

"Zanu-PF proffers strong advice to CCC that their tainted conduct of implied association and clandestine trucking to vile acts of racist white vigilante groups in South Africa is of no rewarding use to them as an opposition that aspires to norms of open democratic discourse and fair electoral accountability as evinced in the recent by-elections.

"Zanu-PF calls upon the CCC to draw a red line in its hitherto sordid history of kowtowing to right-wing agendas of the post imperialists of the West. The pursuit of regime change is coasting to failure and ignominy".

"No matter the challenge, ZANU-PF shall remain true to the spirit of Pan Africanism. The infiltration manifesting as heinous crimes of  xenophobia shall come to pass. Zimbabwe and South Africa shall overcome.  Africa shall win."

Source - The Herald
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