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Chamisa's CCC sings from ZANU PF hymbook...appeals to Generals

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Apr 2022 at 19:15hrs | Views
Nelson Chamisa's CCC officials have been accused of changing its neo-liberal mantra and adopting the ruling ZANU PF's nationalist and Pan-Africanism's ethos and values in a bid to appeal to the Military and Security Generals who are viewed as the guardians of the seat of power in Zimbabwe.

Recently, CCC Secretary General defended his controversial tweet where he was praising the late leader of Libya Muammar Gadaffi  and calling for the end of the dominance of the United States Dollar. His sentiments were endorsed by CCC Treasurer General David Coltart who said Zimbabweans must adopt Pan-Africanism.

Speaking to this reporter over weekend research analyst Shephard Dube said the newly formed CCC was hoodwinking citizens through trying to forge a new institutional outlook.

"I have been following with keen interest the ideological framework of the so called newly formed CCC which in fact just changed name from MDC after losing successive court battles and  legislative appeals" Dube said.  "The patterns of the CCC praxis are very worrying because they decided that they are no longer MDC and dumping MDC culture and claim to be a new entity yet you have same characters and same structures at the helm.

"Funny enough, recently you had Hwende changing tone and supporting a known ZANU PF stance of calling for the removal of the United States Dollar. You also see their Treasurer David Coltart who is a former Rhodesian Selous Scout suddenly becoming patriotic.

"As a student of history, I can tell you that the CCC is now trying to talk, walk and read from the ZANU PF hymn so as to appeal to the ZANU PF voters who ordinarily would vote for a party that speak Pan-Africanism and nationalism. CCC is trying an old trick to appeal to the Generals so that they might influence them but politics does not work like that."

Source - Byo24News