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Former Minister Makhosini Hlongwane talks tough

by Mandla Ndlovu
29 Apr 2022 at 13:48hrs | Views
Former Minister of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture Makhosini Masumpa Matiwane Hlongwane has weighed in on the controversial opening of the United States Africa Command office in Zambia.

In a Twitter thread on Friday, Hlongwane warned that if not handled well the region will degenerate into chaos and become war torn.

Said Hlongwane, "If Southern Africa does not play it's politics well, very soon the region will be like Latin America,where the US installs it's puppets into government. This will be accompanied by coups, and violent wars. Some are prepared to deliver the region on a platter.

"The opening of the military office in Zambia drastically renders tenuous and precarious the security situation in the region. The posture of the ANC is worrying while Zambia and Malawi may no longer be relied upon on security due to certain political developements. This latest situation may force other countries to offer China or Russia space for a military base to restore the balance of forces."

Hlongwane added that SADC must learn from the Russian-Ukraine war and value its peace and  gains of the liberation struggle.

"This will steeply escalate the situation. If Southern Africa is not careful and does not unite all its liberation wars will be rendered useless. Ukraine and Russia have shown us that war and peace should not be taken for granted. All you need are a few zealots to plunge any country into violent conflict." He said.  

Source - Byo24News