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Zambia's ruling UPND party leader blasts Jonathan Moyo

by Mandla Ndlovu
29 Apr 2022 at 16:04hrs | Views
Zambia's ruling UPND Publicity and Information Secretary Joseph Kalimbwe has accused Professor Jonathan Moyo of having a hand in the destruction of Zimbabwe during his days at the core leadership of ZANU PF.

Kalimbwe made the outbursts after Moyo commented at a picture that was posted on social media where Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema was posing with United States Africa Command visiting Brigadier General Peter Bailey and U.S. Embassy Zambia Chargé d'Affaires Martin Dale.

Said Moyo, "Some things from Zambia are too much. A whole President meeting and posing for pictures with a mere Brigadier General, just because he's Uncle Sam's boy? Even Uncle Toms would cringe. Bad optics!"

The statement did not go down well with Kalimbwe who said, "Jonathan Moyo stop attacking our leader, we aren't Uncle Tom's boys. Our politics has suffered huge blows from failed political leadership. We're now building up; a Zambia freely educated, a stabilizing currency and an Economy strong enough to accommodate the dreams of every Zambian!

"Moyo played a central role in destroying a once bread basket of SADC, a county that had a bright African future. On the other hand, we're shaping Zambia into an envy of African democracy; one where power is transferred peacefully from one freely elected President to the next. (sic)"

Zambia come under attack from various stakeholders who are accusing the country of bringing the controversial AFRICOM to SADC.

Source - Byo24News