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'Nelson Chamisa wants elections postponed for 7 years' Charamba says

by Mandla Ndlovu
30 Apr 2022 at 09:49hrs | Views
CCC President Nelson Chamisa wants elections in Zimbabwe to be postponed for 7 years, Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba says.

Writing on his weekly Saturday column in the state-owned Herald, Charamba said, "Chamisa and his MDC then, his Triple C now, are behind the Mutata-Magaya proposal of an election sabbatical under the pretext of a national dialogue."

Charamba was referring to the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations (ZHoCD) call for a 'Sabbath' on political contestation in Zimbabwe to allow for the rebuilding of trust and confidence and chart a way forward towards a comprehensive economic recovery path in a non-political environment.

Said Charamba, "They want elective politics suspended for a minimum of seven years, during which cross-party elites join hands in some consensual pact of dictatorship. Even certain sections of the media and the academia have bought into this.

"Those rejecting this falsely consensual, holy benediction to dictatorship, are traduced as hardliners. You can see how intraparty dictatorship threatens to spill over into national space, with holy men as diligent midwives!"

He further asked Zimbabwens if the proposal was an ideal one coming from the party that projects itself as a champion of democracy.  

"Do we want that for our Nation? Ever at all? And coming from avowed apostles of democracy? Until the snake bites him dead, how do you not believe it when a snake charmer tells you the mamba is man's best friend?"

Source - Byo24News