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Divorce cases spike

by Staff reporter
02 May 2022 at 08:00hrs | Views
The High Court in Harare recorded a staggering 47 divorce cases on Thursday last week while statistics show that 1 351 couples filed for divorce last year compared to 1 117 in 2020.

Observers believe the surging in divorce cases represent a serious decay in Zimbabwe's moral fabric.

Any dissolution of a marriage registered under the Marriages Act has to be done at the High Court, even if the couple agrees.

According to psychologists, women divorce their husbands due to poverty, while other couples part ways because of infidelity and infertility, among various issues.

In Zimbabwe, marriage counsellors and analysts have attributed the surge in divorce cases to financial challenges and the breakdown in the country's social and moral fabrics.

Social commentator and college lecturer Pardon Taodzera singled out the Zimbabwe's economic decay as the drivers of marriage collapse.

"Most marriages are on the brink of collapse because of poverty. Men are constantly under pressure to fend for the family while negating their role of providing emotional support to their wives," he said.

"The shrinking economy also means that both parties have to work and they have no time to do things together to strengthen their bond as couples."

Padare-Enkundleni Men's Forum chairman Jonah Gokova said the breakdown of the extended family system was one of the main causes of divorces.

"Uncles and aunts played a pivotal role in keeping families together in the past. The relatives would give advice on how to keep a marriage solid, but these days most families are disintegrated," he said.

"Some relatives are living outside and young couples have nowhere to turn when they encounter challenges in marriage."

Apostolic Faith Mission pastor Cayman Murwadzo noted that the issue of gender equality has also contributed to the breakdown of marriages.

"The Bible gives emphasis on the issue of hierarchy. Men are the heads of families, but because of issues of gender equality, women are clamouring to occupy spaces that are biblically reserved for men and this creates problems and discord in marriages," Murwadzo said.

Source - Newsday Zimbabwe
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