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Sisters tormented by dead lover

by Staff reporter
05 May 2022 at 20:32hrs | Views
IN a suspected case of a vengeful spirit, two sisters from the same family are being tormented by the spirit of a boyfriend, who died 24 years ago.

The girlfriend, Chioniso Mabwe now 40, was in love with Tonderai Nyika, who died mysteriously.

It is alleged Tonderai, who died in 1998, manifested in February, through Chioniso's sister, Angeline.

The incident occurred in Karoi.

To date, Chioniso is yet to be married and doesn't want anything to do with men or love proposals.

Angeline, who is said to be receiving direct communication through manifestations from Tonderai, confirmed that by the time of his death, there was tension between him and Chioniso.

"They were in love, but a misunderstanding arose when Chioniso discovered that Tonde was in love with another local girl identified as Muchaneta.

"Chioniso then decided to part ways with Tonde, a situation which did not go down well with him.

"Tonde was well-known to our family," she said.

Added Angeline: "That night Tonde failed to go back to his place and slept in the same room with our brother.

"The following morning Tonde removed his engagement ring and destroyed it.

"I can still recall his facial expressions, vavakatsamwa. We heard him saying, ini ndakuenda hameno zvichaitika neupenyu hwangu.

"I failed to reconcile them and I was shocked to hear that Tonde was found dead a few weeks later."

She narrated how Tonde's body was discovered:

"Tonde's hand was seen being eaten by a dog. We were arrested, together with my sister and investigations were done since Tonde was last seen at our place.

"The day when I was arrested I was supposed to get married the following day and vakuwasha vakauya vakationa takasungwa.

"When we were in the cells, that is when we discovered that Tonde had written a suicide note which was handed over to his family," she said.

The suicide note read:

"Ndazviuraya nekuda kwako Chio, chisara urarame zvakanaka."

Chioniso said, Tonderai, manifested on her sister Angeline.

"I did not eat for the whole week and I was traumatised with that incident.

"He appeared to me as a dread-locked person. He was saying ndati ndaneta kuramba ndichitevera muninina wako, endai muchinotaura nehama dzangu, endai munosvika kwasabhuku mutaurirane ne hama dzangu.

"Endai munotaurirana nehama dzangu kana pane anoda kutora mudzimai otora. I can't remember many things but he mentioned also about kuchenura.

"I advised my parents, as well as the headman, and we are in talks with the Nyika family," she added.

A Nyika family spokesperson confirmed the developments.

"Recently, we were approached by the chief police officer, who revealed that Chioniso's family wants to talk to us so that we can facilitate a traditional ceremony of kuchenura for their daughter who is facing marriage problems.

"Following Tonderai's death, as a family, we did not even accept the alleged suicide note since the handwriting was different from his handwriting.

"We even submitted his homework books and other letters which he used to send to other relatives.

"Allegations are that he was killed by Chioniso's father under unclear circumstances when he paid a visit to see his girlfriend."

Added the spokesperson: "We suspect the family came up with the suicide note.

"So, we have to go back to what really transpired and if it is a confession that they killed Tonde, everything should be noted.

"It pains because Tonderai's body was discovered in a decomposed state with some body parts missing.

"The scene did not represent any evidence of struggle but the body was suspended from a tree.

"We attempted to uncover clues which suggested that the boy was murdered. We felt he was murdered as opposed to the suicide claims."

Another source said: "Chioniso is unsettled as she is believed to be visiting several sangomas seeking spiritual cleansing but arikungonzi une murume asi haana kuroorwa, saka zvemba zvaramba."

Source - H-Metro