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Police warn drivers of unregistered vehicles

by Staff reporter
05 May 2022 at 21:14hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Republic Police has reiterated that all unregistered vehicles whether Government-owned or belonging to any political will be impounded during the ongoing operation aimed at restoring order on the roads countrywide.

So far, more than 7 362 motorists have been arrested under the operation code-named ‘Respect Other Road Users/ Remekedzai Vamwe Vanoshandisa Mugwagwa/ Hloniphani Abanye Abasebenzisa Umgwaqo'.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has since applauded the public for the cooperation rendered during this operation, which is aimed at bringing order to chaos on the roads brought by vehicles without number plates, those driven against the flow of traffic, going through red robots and other misdemeanours.

"The ZRP reiterates that all vehicles whether Government-owned, individual owned, company or institution and political party owned should display registration plates while moving on the roads and in public places.

"Any vehicle not displaying registration plates in clear contravention of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act, Chapter 13:14 will be impounded by the police with owners facing the due process of the law. No negotiations, pleas or excuses will be entertained by police officers on the ground or at the command level," he said.

He said motorists were expected to lead by example and comply in order to promote road safety and the maintenance of law and order in the country.

Asst Comm Nyathi said family and private-owned cars should not be used to engage in pirating activities to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the country's roads.

"On the other hand, Public Service Vehicles (PSV) operators should ensure they operate in terms of the country's laws.

"Above all, drivers should strive to avoid causing congestion on the roads, especially in urban setups or risk having their vehicles impounded by the police," he said.

Recently police expressed concern over some prominent people and politicians who continued to drive unregistered top-of-the-range cars warning that the ongoing operation targeting such vehicles was continuing.

According to law, such vehicles should be registered and police said anyone found on the wrong side of the law will be arrested without fear or favour.

In a statement, Asst Comm Nyathi said they were concerned by the conduct of some of the owners especially prominent persons and political figures driving such vehicles.

Permanent number plates are now also available at border posts, so anyone importing a vehicle now buys the permanent plates as they clear their car through customs with temporary plates no longer issued or needed.

All border posts, except Plumtree at the moment but the post office in the town is selling the plates, are stocked with enough permanent number plates as the Government introduces a cocktail of measures to curb crime and make it as easy as possible for vehicle owners to pay taxes and duties and register their vehicle with the minimum of return visits.

Source - The Herald