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Liquor hubs should contribute funds to psychiatric centres

by Stephen Jakes
09 May 2022 at 15:10hrs | Views
Bulawayo residents have appealed to Liquor hubs owned by deputy minister Raji Modi to contribute a certain amount towards the psychiatric centres like Ingutsheni hospital to help victims of substance abuse.

Edwin Matambanadzo said it is necessary for those organizations that manufacture liquor and sell other drugs to pay a certain percentage to the psychiatric hospitals.

He said they acknowledge that liquor hubs create employment but they should also help the government as some of them have contributed to rural electrification.

"I suggest that these organisations that manufacture liquor and drugs should meet the government halfway and contribute a certain percentage to hospitals like Ingutsheni. We acknowledge that they create employment in the country, when we say they should contribute funds to psychiatric centres we don't mean to punish them but some of us have contributed to rural electrification yet we don't stay there," he said.

Emganwini resident, Joshua Moyo said parents should seek help for their children at an early stage, when they realize that their children are under the influence of substance abuse.

"I'm concerned about the situation that parents, and the community at large watch youngsters engaging in drugs and don't raise a flag about it but when the problem becomes immune threat in their lives that's when they talk about it. Why should community members report the matter at that stage since it's not an overnight issue," he said.

 Modi said they were not selling or manufacturing brands and packs that aren't tested.

He said there is alcohol from Zambia and Mozambique that is sold at a cheap price in the streets that destroys the lives of youngsters.

"There is nothing wrong that we are doing, why then should we contribute to psychiatric centres?. There are unlicensed vendors on the street that sell alcohol that is not right for human consumption from $US1 for 2 bottles, destroying the lives of teenagers," he said.

"There should be an awareness campaign to stop this as this situation affects the society. I told responsible authorities in December about the matter, but nothing has been done about it till date."

Source - Byo24News