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Mnangagwa's wife now a Dr

by Staff reporter
19 May 2022 at 06:31hrs | Views
The First Lady, Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa, and the First Family express heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to all individuals and institutions which joined them in celebrating the conferment of honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree by the G. D Goenka University of India on the First Lady in recognition of her humanitarian and advocacy work on the girl child, women and marginalised communities of Zimbabwe.

While the conferment was on the person of the First Lady, the First Family is only acutely aware that her humanitarian endeavours occur within a national context, and with the enormous support and goodwill of many actors and institutions both in Zimbabwe and abroad. It is to this converged and collaborative effort that the honour and recognition truly belongs.

With this recognition by GD  Goenka University, work on the marginalised and vulnerable which Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa coordinates, is set to enjoy greater visibility and support, in the process helping with the mobilisation of resources for greater, sustainable impacts on beneficiaries.

The fate of the Zimbabwean girl-child, and that of rural woman, both in the broader context of marginalised communities, must be thrust into sharper relief for greater notice and improved fortunes and prospects. The award thus should spur even greater humanitarian support and work in furtherance of this worthy cause which certainly stands to benefit from broader and keener involvement by all, individuals and cooperate alike.

The First Family heartily thanks G.D Goenka University, the Indian government and people, for this outstanding recognition which again attests to great, fraternal relations between our two peoples through their governments and institutions. Indeed, India has opened numerous doors to Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans, not least of which is that to do with advanced health care.

 Many Zimbabweans, particularly those drawn from vulnerable and marginalised families and communities, have found succour and cure from this great Indian heart.

Once again, thank you Zimbabwe and India for the tremendous support and boundless goodwill.

Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa

First Lady of Zimbabwe, Harare

Source - The Herald