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Prophet comes to 'locked' man's rescue

by Staff reporter
21 May 2022 at 18:03hrs | Views
A man from Beitbridge who has never enjoyed sex since the death of his wife seven years ago is happy that his shrunk manhood has started working again after he consulted a local prophet for help.

The man from Siyoka area, Beitbridge West, who begged not to be named suspected that the problem which saw him failing to enjoy nature's greatest occasion for seven years was being caused by his dead wife.

This was after they both consulted a sangoma from South Africa who is also now late to have each other "locked" as a way of stopping them from cheating.

He said his bedroom woes started when his wife died in March 2015 and he suspected that as a way of stopping him from moving on, his dead wife ‘took' away his key so that he shouldn't "unlock" his manhood.

The man who also initially didn't want the story to be published claimed he lost a lot of girlfriends as a result of the condition adding that during the build-up to sex his manhood would come alive but fall when it was time for real action.

His seven years of misery was solved when he consulted the Bulawayo-based man of cloth Black Elisha, real name Mduduzi Dube, who allegedly "unlocked" his manhood with his spiritual padlock.

His spiritual padlock has led to many people consulting him seeking divine intervention on their cheating spouses and partners and unlocking business potential.

"We did this (locking each other) to benefit our marriage. We were the happiest couple ever and we never cheated on each other. The problem however, started after she died. I suspected that my dead wife is the one who took my key, as she didn't want me to move on.

"For the past seven years whenever I tried to sleep with a woman my manhood would not rise to the occasion. It would be totally dead and I was desperate to get it back to life until I consulted Black Elisha who managed to assist me with his spiritual padlock.

"What was happening is that it would become erect but when it's time for penetration it just fell. I even visited sangomas and prophets to no avail until Black Elisha came to my rescue," he said.

Black Elisha confirmed the incident.

"I applied my spiritual padlock on him. The two went to a sangoma to have each other locked together and following the death of his wife his manhood seems to have remained loyal to her (dead wife) as he was no longer able to have sex with any other woman.

"Before I unlocked him, he said he had spent a lot of money trying to get help from other prophets and sangomas. There are a lot of people in that predicament and I am embarking on a nationwide tour to help them together with those with various ailments and I'm starting my nationwide tour with Beitbridge next week," said Black Elisha.

Source - B-Metro
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