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Zanu-PF leadership snubs hero Maunganidze's burial

by Staff reporter
21 May 2022 at 18:35hrs | Views
President of the Chiefs' Council Chief Fortune Charumbira has breathed fire after Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial leadership snubbed the burial of late top civil servant Dr Sylvester Maunganidze at the late's rural home in Muzenda village under Chief Nemauzhe in Chivi South.

Dr Maunganidze was conferred a provincial hero status on the day of burial and Chief Charumbira who is believed to be of the same clan with the late diplomat expressed grief over failure by top party leadership to pay last respects to their former colleague.

Speaking at the burial on Thursday (May 19), Chief Charumbira breathed fire and warned people against factionalism hinting that it was the reason why provincial leadership did not attend the burial.

"I thank the President for giving a hero status to this man. However, in most cases where one has been declared a hero, we see the army waiting to perform a gun salute. As Chief Charumbira and the Chiefs' council president, I am not happy; we wanted to see a number of dignitaries with different top positions, even from Harare and some local, so I am not happy.

"To you Mugabe, you are the deputy chairperson, I am allowed to say what I am saying here, and you will not follow and ask me after. In circumstances like these, let us show unity in the province, I know Mr Hungwe (Josiah) is not here because of his health so I exonerate him," fumed Chief Charumbira.

He went on to say there was need for the army gun salute to be performed mandatorily before calling for unity in the party.

"On that note, Masvingo Province let me warn you, please unite, unite, the province fought hard for us to get into the new dispensation, it was the leading province until former first lady Grace Mugabe said Masvingo you are causing trouble by supporting Mnangagwa, we no longer want you in Zanu-PF.

"Zvino tahwa kuti, tsamba yekunzi vaita gamba yangozobuda nhasi saka kuti timbomira toti masoja imbouyai, mongoziva vanoda zvakarongeka saka vaizoda kumbogadzirira saka uchavigwa hake pasina pfuti (However, we heard the conferment letter only came today so we couldn't stop the burial to call the soldiers, we know they would want to prepare first, so he will be buried without the mandatory gun salute," added Charumbira.

He went on to say he was not happy with the attendance especially from Zanu-PF party and said he has the liberty to warn them against not attending funerals of prominent people like Maunganidze but attending those of nonentities.

He however exonerated provincial chairperson Robson Mavhenyengwa who he said he knows where he was, saying the other top leadership was supposed to be there as they do on other occasions where ‘nonentities' are buried.

Charumbira described the late Maunganidze as one who contributed to the rise of the current president leading a team disguised as Masvingo Technocrats which was meant to propel Masvingo people saying it was a political move meant to push someone from Masvingo in top political positions which finally resulted in Mnangagwa being president.

Party provincial vice chairperson Trust Mugabe said he had been send by provincial chairperson Robson Mavhenyengwa to announce the hero status saying communication only came in the morning.

"I have come here to tell you what I have been sent to deliver by Mr Mavhenyengwa that has come from the President. After looking at what the late did, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has conferred provincial hero status to Maunganidze. However, I am sorry that the communication came late; it came this morning around 8 am.

"We could have brought the Minister of State and the army but when they got the information, they said it was at short notice that is why they are not here. However, Maunganidze's works are known in the party and government. He worked hard even during tough times to make sure that Zanu-PF ruled this country," said Mugabe.

Dr Maunganidze popularly known as Bradah died in Harare at a private hospital on Sunday (May 15) evening.

He held several positions in government ministries including being permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality, as well as being principal director in the Ministry of Information in former President Robert Mugabe's administration.

Source - TellZim News