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Unpacking the origins of the Mabhikwa Chieftaincy

by Staff reporter
24 May 2022 at 07:20hrs | Views
FOLLOWING the death of Chief Mabhikwa, Chronicle sought the views of historian Mr Thomas Sibanda, who helped shed more light on the historical background of the chieftaincy.

He shares his views below:

The Mabhikwa chieftaincy is found in Lupane but it originated from Bubi District.

This particular chieftaincy was not originally under King Lobengula but was created after the collapse of the Ndebele State.

What happened is that Queen Lozikeyi was allocated land by the whites in what is now known as koNkosikazi to reside with other queens after the disappearance of the King.

The area did not have a chief.

So, Queen Lozikeyi decided to appoint one of the Khumalos to become the chief for the area.

She then chose Mfulane Khumalo to be the chief but he unfortunately did not have any boy child so he did not get any successor.

This led to the selection of Mlonyeni who had a boy child with his second wife, MaThusi.

She was from the Thusi clan  and they christened the child Mabhikwa Khumalo.

He was given Mabhikwa name because MaThusi had challenges conceiving.

She was assisted to conceive by a Kalanga traditional healer called Mabhikwa.

So, by tradition a child conceived as a result of interventions from a traditional healer is given the name of the traditional healer.

Mlonyeni's children with his first wife all died resulting in Mabhikwa being appointed the chief.

That is how the Mabhikwa chieftaincy was conceived and the whites then relocated the Mabhikwa chieftaincy to Lupane.

This is how the Mabhikwa people were later to be found in Lupane but they are originally the Khumalos who came from Bubi District installed by Queen Lozikeyi.

It's a very unique chieftaincy because they do not have a direct link with the rulership of King Lobengula.

It was created by Queen Lozikeyi.

That is how the chieftainship has carried on until this incident where we have lost this Chief Mabhikwa who has died in this painful manner.

Source - The Chronicle
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