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Wadyejena takes on Borrowdale Brook management over systematic abuse

by Staff reporter
24 May 2022 at 06:26hrs | Views
GLOVES are off between Gokwe Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyejena and Brooke Estate Management with the firebrand legislator claiming systematic abuse and harassment by the latter in a bid to drive him out of the property.

Wadyejena held a meeting with the Borrowdale Brooke Estate chairperson Shingi Munyeza on Thursday last week to express his intention to stay at his property in full compliance with the constitution and rules and regulations.

The legislator claims he is a victim of systematic abuse and harassment by Brooke Management for the past three years.

Addressing his concerns to Munyeza in a letter, Wadyejena said several grave violations have occurred against him and his family.

"Several grave violations have occurred against me and my family, perpetrated by some Trustees and/or Borrowdale Brooke Management.  For almost three years, I have been a victim of systematic abuse and harassment and on each occasion, I have sought remedy through your office, but to no avail.

"In some cases, I had to approach the police because of your inexplicable and inexcusable inaction," Wadyajena said.

The legislator claimed that he was falsely accused of murder, his wife falsely accused of attempted murder and his brother was physically attacked by Brooke Management.

Wadyajena also claimed that he has been falsely accused of defacing the estate and racing his vehicles on the property.

He further claimed that in July last year, the Brooke management called CID Homicide accusing him of being a key suspect in the murder of Nancy Duncan who stayed in a gated compound inside Brooke.

"The Borrowdale Brooke general manager Peter Simon, physically attacked my younger brother on 8 February 2022. This attack happened at the Brooke offices when my brother went to request access to my master file, which contains approved plans - a document I have the legal right to access at any point. A case was reported at Borrowdale Police resulting in Simon's arrest," Wadyajena further claimed.

Wadjejena said a day after Simon's arrest, the management barred his employees from accessing the construction site.

"However, make no mistake, I am prepared to take whatever comes at me head-on and fortunately, I do not require the attention or acceptance from certain quarters of society and am not at all reliant on the public gaze to validate my sense of right and wrong," Wadyajena said.

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe