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King Mzilikazi's 'heirs' tussle

by Staff reporter
24 May 2022 at 02:26hrs | Views
TWO rivals to the Ndebele throne are at each other's throat over who is the rightful heir to the kingship.

Ndebele throne claimant Bulelani Collins Khumalo has surfaced, urging people of Matabeleland to ignore another hopeful, Stanley Raphael Khumalo-Tshuma's call to invade Bulawayo State House.

Last week, Khumalo-Tshuma, who calls himself Mzilikazi II, wrote to President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying he would lead a crusade of Ndebele people living in South Africa back to Zimbabwe to settle at the Bulawayo State House.

But in an opposing statement dated May 22, Bulelani Khumalo urged the people of Matabeleland based in SA to disregard Khumalo-Tshumas' call, describing it as total madness. Bulelani is also based in South Africa.

"We are reminding each other of who we are, and how we behave. We are not disorganised, we must be stable and not involve ourselves in things we do not know," Bulelani's statement read.

"We hear the noise that by month end, there will be an exodus back home. As the office of King Bulelani Lobengula kaMzilikazi, we say there is nothing like that. Do not allow yourselves to be misled by Rapheal Tshuma who calls himself Mzilikazi II."

Bulelani said the fact that people of Matabeleland were suffering did not mean that they should do wrong things.

"We are making proper efforts to get out of the problems we have, and we must be patient. Our ancestors are known for intelligence and we must emulate them.

"You are a respected society, do not allow yourselves to lose that respect and become laughing stock."

Bulelani was coronated in 2018 at a private function after the government blocked his public installation, which was set for Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo.

Rival claimant, Khumalo -Tshuma was also crowned at a private function in Bulawayo after police disrupted his public installation at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair premises.

He later attempted to invade the State House, but was also blocked by the police.

In a letter dated May 12, directed to Mnangagwa, which he said he had submitted through the Zimbabwean Embassy in SA, Khumalo-Tshuma wrore: "It is, therefore, announced that his Royal Mzilikazi II shall be leading a peaceful, but massive crusade of his people suffering in SA back to their home country, Mthwakazi. The crusade shall start from Johannesburg on May 28 and arrive in Bulawayo the following day."

He said he would address the issue of the independence of the Ndebele nation on May 29.

The Foreign Affairs ministry said it had not received the letter from Khumalo-Tshuma.

The third claimant to the Ndebele kingship is Peter Zwide Khumalo who is based in Bulawayo.

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe