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Borrowdale Brooke management pursuing sinister agenda, says Wadyajena

by Staff reporter
24 May 2022 at 07:29hrs | Views
Gokwe-Nembudziya Member of Parliament Justice Mayor Wadyajena has accused the management of posh Borrowdale Brooke area of pursuing a sinister agenda against him including trying to pin false claims of murder and attempted murder on his family in a systematic and malicious attack.

An irate Wadyajena wrote a letter to the Borrowdale Brooke Home Owners Association chairperson Shingi Munyeza following a meeting held at the Golf Club offices on May 22, 2022, saying has been subjected to "unwarranted" attacks that have gone for over three years.

"I have been falsely accused of murder, my wife was falsely accused of attempted murder, my brother was physically attacked by Brooke Management, you unlawfully barred access to my properties, I have been falsely accused of defacing Brooke property and I have been falsely accused of racing my vehicles on Brooke property," the Zanu-PF District Coordinating Committee chairperson for Gokwe North said.

"In July 2021, heavily armed detectives from the Homicide Department raided my house after being tipped off by the Brooke Association/Management that I was a key suspect in the "murder" of a Nancy Duncan who I was made to understand stayed in Sun River Manor, a private gated compound inside the Brooke."

The flamboyant businessman said the act was disturbing to him and malicious and demanded the Brooke management to liaise with police and furnish him and the community on the findings of the investigations surrounding Duncan's death within two weeks.

"This was a disturbing and malicious attempt to connect me and my family to a supposed crime that we had absolutely no knowledge of. Of course, this turned out to be complete, trumped-up nonsense but the egregiousness of the accusation cannot be overstated and constitutes a serious disregard of the personal safety and dignity of all of us, but falsely pegging me and other members of my family for murder seems to be a Brooke Association pastime, as I will detail further," Wadyajena added.

"As you are very well aware, several grave violations have occurred against me and my family, perpetrated by some Trustees and or Borrowdale Brooke management. For almost three years now, I have been the victim of systematic abuse and harassment and on each occasion. I have sought remedy through your office, but to no avail. In some cases, I have had to approach the police because of your inexplicable inaction."

Wadyajena said his brother was physically abused by Peter Simon, Borrowdale Brooke General Manager after he was sent to get a file that contains approved plans.

A police report was made on the assault at Borrowdale police leading to Simon's arrest.

"Exactly a day after Mr Simon's arrest and in what has become a clear and consistent pattern in recent years, Brooke Management immediately barred my employees from accessing my construction sites in the Brooke. This was done in order to frustrate me into influencing the dropping of charges against Mr Simon."

"However, the pretext given was that I was flouting regulations by constructing a house without approved building plans by your Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This issue was promptly resolved after both the Estate Manager and Compliance Officer physically inspected the site and plans."

He said the pretense of an inspection was strange.

"In 2021, I was falsely accused of placing my political party's posters on trees inside The Brooke during the 2018 election period. Firstly, I was not the candidate on the posters. Secondly, I do not campaign in Harare because my constituents do not even vote here."

"I do admit to giving T-Shirts and wrappers emblazoned with HE ED Mnangagwa's face to some patriotic helpers and residents of The Brooke who did request them- there is nothing criminal about this."

Source - thenewshawks