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Machete gang kills man, robs wife of $25

by Staff reporter
09 Jun 2022 at 06:36hrs | Views
A MAN from Bulawayo's Lobengula West suburb was yesterday morning killed at his home by machete wielding robbers who got away with US$25.

Langelihle Dube (53) who ran a tuck shop at his home and car park in the same suburb was attacked by four suspected robbers who were armed with a machete.

He sustained thigh and head injuries.

The incident occurred at about 2AM and he was pronounced dead upon arrival of an ambulance crew at 2:50AM.
A Chronicle news crew yesterday caught up with Dube's family who narrated the tragedy.

Family spokesperson Mr Kholisani Matenga said they believe Mr Dube's death was a result of opportunistic crime.

"These robbers broke into the house at about 2AM and we don't know what they did to the dogs because there are vicious dogs here.

But they didn't even bark when these robbers broke in.

They banged the door to an extent that the sound was heard three houses away.

What his wife told us is that when the noise was heard, they initially thought that the children who were sleeping in the sitting room had accidentally dropped a television set as they slept but it turned out that robbers had broken into his home," said Mr Matenga.

He said Dube started fighting the criminals who were demanding cash.

"I think the fact that he was running a tuckshop and a car park business made the criminals assume that he had a lot of money.

So, he tried to ward off the criminals but they demanded money and stabbed him several times and the scariest stab wound was on his thigh.

He also suffered head injuries but I think the stab wound on the thigh could have caused his death as he bled profusely," he said.

Mr Matenga said Dube's wife came out in the bedroom and went back and the robbers followed her.

They demanded cash from her and she gave them US$25.

Mr Matenga said he was called to the scene and arrived at about 2:30AM and as he walked into the house, he discovered that Dube was unconscious, lying in a pool of blood.

Mr Matenga said at that moment he realised that Dube was already dead.

"But it was difficult to break the news to the family so we just waited for the ambulance crew to come and attend to him. They pronounced him dead on arrival," said Mr Matenga.

He expressed concern over the increase in crime in the area.

"Just a week ago, there was another robbery not so far away.

They raided a church treasurer and demanded cash and they were given US$100 which they claimed was little and ended up getting away with US$500.

So, we are really worried about the increase in the crime rate. But at the same time, we never thought that it would end up leading to death. Can you imagine being killed for US$25," said Mr Matenga.

Another family member Mr Melusi Dube said while four armed robbers entered the house, they suspect that some of them were outside the house.

"Because there was a young man who is a neighbour who reacted to the screams emanating from here.

But he got attacked as he tried to enter the home.

It seems the robbers were not just four. So, we really don't know the number of robbers who were part of this gang.

The neighbour who had reacted to the scene then called out for reinforcement but by the time neighbours mobilised each other, the robbers had gone," said Mr Dube.

He expressed concern over the police reaction times saying they only attended the scene at about 7AM when it occurred at about 2AM.

Mr Dube said the delays in attending to crime scenes gives criminals an opportunity to escape untraced.

Deputy Bulawayo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele, said details of the case had not reached her office.

Source - The Chronicle