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Mnangagwa's youths attack, deface Chamisa's offices

by Staff reporter
25 Jun 2022 at 09:53hrs | Views
CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) officials have blamed alleged Zanu-PF youths for an attack at its Mutare offices, that left the building defaced while all doors and windows were destroyed.

The accusations have however been dismissed by Zanu-PF Nyanga North legislator Chido Sanyatwe as a ploy to deflect CCC fears of electoral defeat in 2023.

Part of the CCC offices at Ruwangwe business centre were attacked Sunday night, with a report made to the police on Monday.

The opposition party blamed Sanyatwe for the violent scenes, arguing she had given a directive to youths to conduct a reign of terror on opposition supporters and officials.

"A leopard does not change its spots, as the adage goes, Zanu-PF will not let go its violent political belief. On Monday morning CCC members woke up to seeing their offices vandalised," said David Panganai, the opposition party's provincial spokesperson.

"All the windows and doors were completely destroyed by thugs who had earlier on been addressed by their local leadership and legislator to attack all known CCC members. They then went on a rampage, destroying property at Ruwangwe business centre.

"The matter was reported to the police but no arrests have been made yet. Those being used to exercise violence against their fellow countrymen must be reminded that violence does not solve price hikes on basic needs, create employment and unite their fractured party."

The police, in their defence, said nothing pointed to Zanu-PF. Provincial spokesperson inspector Nobert Muzondo said investigations were still underway.

"We do not have evidence that points to politically motivated violence other than malicious damage to property, which occurred overnight," said Muzondo.

"We are seized with the matter and still investigating. When there are leads or arrests it will be made public."

Sanyatwe, who is yet to know her CCC opponent said there was no need for her to encourage violence as she was confident of victory at the 2023 polls.

She disputed accusations that she had encouraged her supporters to beat up opponents or destroy their property.

"I never addressed anyone inciting violence against CCC members because that party to me is a nonevent. I am confident of a win," she said.

"Nyanga North is one of the most peaceful constituencies in this country. Zanu-PF is not here to fight CCC or vice versa, because we are all Zimbabwean citizens."

Politically motivated violence has over the past months reared its head, with four CCC supporters being killed since March.

Opposition supporters have also torched houses belonging to suspected Zanu-PF officials.

Source - NewZimbabwe