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Cheating wife sex tape leaked

by Staff reporter
03 Jul 2022 at 09:12hrs | Views
INFIDELITY is heart wrenching and being cheated on by someone you love can be devastating.

And for a married Bulawayo woman Shylet Cassandra Ncube, it has come to pass that "lies kill a relationship and no matter how careful you are you will get caught" after her nude pictures and a video that she was sending to her lover were recently leaked to this publication.

As if that is not enough, B-Metro is in possession of a sex tape of Ncube, who has been married to a local football team official (name supplied), having a nice time with her lover who was identified as Pritchard Mduduzi Zondo.

We have it on good authority that Zondo lives in Nketa 6 and works for Treger Group of Companies.

According to a reliable source he has been seeing Ncube, a mother of two, since January 2022 in the process managing to invite the married woman for a series of sleepovers at his place of residence especially when the football official was on duty out of town.

This was probably an easy mission for the two love birds to accomplish as local football action got into full swing early this year after Covid-19 induced interruptions.

In that regard, the football official would naturally go for numerous Premier Soccer League away matches outside the City of Kings and Queens with his club.

"When her husband was out on duty, she (Ncube) had the audacity to leave her two little children aged six and three alone at their lodgings in Mzilikazi for sleepovers at Zondo's place. She would go on to claim to her husband that she had visited one of her sisters in Nkulumane. As a result, her husband became increasingly suspicious. Owing to her infidelity, which came to the attention of her husband when he was shown pictures and videos, the two are no longer staying together. They have been together for six years," said the source.

Knowing that the unsuspecting husband was away, the love birds seemed to have gathered courage to go out, record their steamy sex sessions and send each other pictures and videos in their birthday suits.

In a nine seconds video, a stark naked Ncube is seen playing with her private parts using her left fingers with her legs wide open.

We are also in possession of a short sex tape where the two love birds engage in protected sex with Ncube in great command.

Naked Zondo and Ncube captured themselves lying on top of a bed getting cozy.

To add to that, B Metro has a picture of the two smooching and kissing while they had seemingly gone out to spoil each other.

Contacted for a comment, a hostile Zondo said Ncube was once his girlfriend and claimed that she never got married.

"My brother, I can't hear you. Why are you asking me those silly questions? Go back to the sources that gave you those pictures and videos. You can go on and believe and write what you want. Shylet (Ncube) was my girlfriend, she was never married. I am actually at work. Call me tomorrow," said Zondo before hanging up his phone.

In an equally unreceptive interview, Ncube whom we are reliably informed now works as a maid in Bulawayo's medium-density suburb of Mahatshula, said she was too busy to take questions from this reporter:

"I'm busy now. I am at work. Why don't you contact those who gave you the pictures? For the record I'm not married."

Interestingly, in less than two minutes, using her mobile phone, Ncube called this reporter demanding that they should be left to live in peace with Zondo.

"It has been a month now since I heard about those videos and pictures. I guess someone is threatening my life. I'm not married to anyone. Yes, I have kids but I have moved on with my life. Where did you get all this information? Mduduzi (Zondo) and I don't want drama. If ever I sent those videos and pictures, I should have sent them to Mduduzi and how did you get them?

"Who gave you those pictures and videos? Mduduzi is the supposed only recipient of those pictures and videos. I will get the person who gave you the pictures and videos arrested. I'm not Mduduzi's ex-girlfriend and other things are better explained to him than you. We need peace. I need peace please," said a panicky Ncube before her phone went silent.

Source - B-Metro