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Air Force of Zimbabwe gets more women in its ranks

by Staff reporter
04 Jul 2022 at 06:56hrs | Views
THE Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) is committed to empowering women in line with the country's efforts to uphold gender equity and equality within the workplace, AFZ Commander Air Marshal Elson Moyo has said.

Addressing delegates and AFZ officers during a passout parade for Basic Officers Course (BOC) number 1/2021 and Potential Officers Course (POC) number 1/2021 at Josiah Tungamirai Air Force Base in Gweru on Friday, Air Marshall Moyo said AFZ strives by all means to ensure that it leads in promoting and implementing gender equality across all departments.

He said it was an honour to officiate at the graduation ceremony of students of the BOC 1/2021 and POC course 1/2021.

The course, he said, started on November 8 with 28 Basic Officer students and 25 Potential Officer students.

"It was very unfortunate that one of the students passed away barely some few hours after the course commencement. Among the 52 graduands are 17 females which constitutes 33 percent and the rest are males. The increase in the number of females on the course depicts the AFZ's continuous effort to empower women in line with the country's efforts to uphold gender equity and equality within the workplace," said Air Marshall Moyo.

He said the graduates underwent a gruelling 32-week programme which was physically and mentally demanding.

Air Marshall Moyo said the training programme was designed to acquaint non-commissioned officers within the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and civilian specialists from the street on basic military knowledge and skills.

"This was meant to prepare them for service within the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Officers' Corp in order to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. To attain the course objectives, the course syllabus covered among others, the following subjects, service writing, general service knowledge, military law, foot, arms and sword drill, weapons training, map reading, conventional warfare, low intensity operations, first aid, range work, civil military relations, HIV and Aids education," he said.

Through the course, Air Marshall Moyo said, the AFZ strives to inculcate into the students values that produce a disciplined officer.

He said discipline is the corner stone of all AFZ military courses as it forms the platform from which the organisation can launch its operations and increase its operational efficiency.

"The Zimbabwe Defence Forces is known worldwide for its high standards of military discipline as evidenced in operations that were carried out successfully at United Nations mission levels, in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Operation Sovereign Legitimacy, Mozambique Campaign just to mention a few.

"It is my wish that the graduands maintain the discipline imparted to them as well as put into good use the knowledge they gained during the course for the benefit of the organisation as well as the country at large," said Air Marshall Moyo.

He said through loyalty and dedication to duty, the graduates will be able to safeguard the country's hard-won independence as they are tomorrow's commanders.

"I urge you to remain watchful of those that may try to lure you to revolt against the ethics that form the foundation of this nation. As officers your duty is to ensure that the men and women under your control remain loyal and dedicated to duty in safe-guarding our hard-won independence," said Air Marshall Moyo.

He said the training conditioned the men and women who, when duty demands will act with diligence in the face of hardships.

"This is why you undertook all of those difficult physical exercises. Most importantly, this is why you were forged to appreciate the brotherhood and pure camaraderie through nights where you sat in the freezing temperatures and rain next to your battle buddy, finding humour in your predicament and sharing the cold windy Gweru weather. You will realise that what you formed will last for a lifetime," said Air Marshall Moyo.

He said he was aware of the challenges that the BO and PO officers faced during training as a result of the economic challenges facing the nation.

The Government, he said, is addressing the economic challenges bedevilling the country through the National Development Strategy (1).

"Let me assure you that these challenges will fade away in this New Dispensation. I'm also aware that you are amongst many ZDF members who were affected by Covid-19. Let us remind each other that the disease is still with us. I therefore urge you to remain unfaltering and to be heedful of those who seek to divert your loyalty from your Government," said Air Marshall Moyo.

Source - The Chronicle