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Whose agenda is Jacob Mudenda serving?

by Paul Mtimkhulu
15 Jul 2022 at 09:10hrs | Views
Jacob Mudenda has been an interesting political figure who has occupied the Speaker of parliament post under a ZANU PF ticket.

Recently Jacob Mudenda was quoted by the Newsday publication where he is said to have called on Parliament to clip the wings of the security sector.

Mudenda allegedly said,"Parliamentary oversight should focus on national security matters to prevent abuse of power by securocrats."

This is a controversial and unexpected utterance from a figure as powerful and influential as the Speaker of Parliament.

Jacob Mudenda is reportedly working with some embassies where a security company he has interests in provides security to these embassies and he makes handsome dividends.

It is interesting to note that the Speaker of parliament would do security business with countries that are hostile to Zimbabwe and then ask to have oversight on national security.

Who is Mudenda serving ? Whose agenda is he serving. He called for oversight on National security which would give CCC and sanction beggars a window into our national Defence system and processes. Do we want those who wish evil over our nation having access to sensitive intelligence and security matters?

Jacob Mudenda added salt to the wound by calling for diaspora vote without addressing the issues of sanctions which is going against the party that deployed him.

Jacob Mudenda needs to be investigated by ZANU PF and national security organs to see if he is still patriotic or he is now working against the patriotic values of ZANU PF and Zimbabwe.

The statements uttered by Jacob Mudenda suggest that he might be captured and he might be on a clandestine operation to weaken ZANU PF using the legislature and promote an environment which will lead to ZANU PF losing the elections.

Opposition and anti ED Mnangagwa legislators have come out defending Mudenda's sentiments. Temba Mliswa , Tendai Biti and others have defended Mudenda and claim that he is protected by parliamentary privilege.

The party that deployed him should seriously look into Mudenda's conduct.

Paul Mtimkhulu
Agenda for Development and Empowerment (ADE)

Source - Paul Mtimkhulu