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All set for Ndebele sci-fi, The Signal's premiere

by Staff reporter
22 Jul 2022 at 06:40hrs | Views
THE wait for the premiere of the first Ndebele sci-fi in Zimbabwe is over and everything seems to be in place for its first showing.

The director of The Signal, Daniel Lasker, jetted into Bulawayo recently for the premiere set for today and tomorrow at the Bulawayo Academy of Music.

Lasker spoke to Chronicle Showbiz and said all is in place for the premiere.

He said the first day has been set aside for a meet and greet with the production team.

"Friday will be a VIP red carpet event where there'll be audience interactions with the cast and filmmakers.

There'll also be a question and answer session after the movie screens.

"On Saturday, the film will be screened for the public," said Lasker.

He said the premiere will be hosted by Gilmore Tee with only those who have purchased advance tickets set to gain entry as no tickets will be sold at the venue.

Lasker urged movie-lovers not "to miss out on this experience!"

"We're so excited and honoured to present this major achievement for the Zimbabwean entertainment industry.

If you're in Bulawayo, you don't want to miss out on this experience!" said Lasker.

A few weeks ago, movie lovers were treated to a teaser of what to expect from The Signal.

The teaser suggested an out-of-space cerebral assassin wreaking havoc among mortals with the end product being catastrophic.

"As the synopsis reads, it's basically a deadly sound transmitted from space known as ‘The signal' that corrupts the minds of all who hear it turning them into soulless demons under its control.

So, it's basically about a group of survivors who're now living in that world post-apocalyptic Bulawayo and all the fun and dangerous things that happened in that world."

The movie by Cross Line Pictures was written by Oscar Reyes and stars local talent in the form of Dumie Manyathela who starred in the popular movie Veza The Unfolding, Tawanda Denga, and Natasha Dlamini.

For those who will not be able to attend the premiere in Bulawayo, Lasker said the production will be made available online sometime later this year.

"We'll upload it online at a later stage this year for the world to see it.

But the rollout starts here in Zimbabwe and thereafter, it's going to go to international film festivals and wherever you are, you'll get a chance to see it."

He said the whole production was filmed in Bulawayo, his hometown.

The script, Lasker said was written initially in English by his writer friend, Oscar Reyes.

"The script was initially written in English and when I looked at it, I was like we're shooting this in Zimbabwe, so it needs to be in Ndebele.

That's when I told the cast and producers that we're producing a sci-fi, but it's going to be in Ndebele," he said.

Source - The Chronicle
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