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Biti lands self in trouble

by Staff reporter
02 Aug 2022 at 19:56hrs | Views
A COMPANY alleged by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice president Tendai Biti to have been used as a conduit for corrupt government operations has written to the former finance minister demanding a retraction and apology.

The company, Paza Buster Commodity Brokers, through its lawyers Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal Practitioners has promised to sue Biti if he fails to do so within 48 hours of having received the letter.

The statements were uttered on a local online television channel in an interview on the 2020 audit report.

Biti implicated the company in purchase of 23 education ministry vehicles that were allegedly never delivered in 2019.

"You know it is clear in black and white, what is said is that this is not new, in 2017 government paid companies Paza Buster, they paid for machines, they were not delivered," said Biti after being asked to comment on the vehicles.

"The most shocking thing about the 2018 audit statement was that the government of Zimbabwe bought four aeroplanes from Malaysia, one of them disappeared.

"Can you imagine an entire Aeroplane, a boeing 777 disappearing…only in Zimbabwe… so when we so that these guys are bishops of stealing…zvima archbishops zvekuba, that is exactly what we mean…an entire plane…an entire plane disappeared."

Paza Buster, which has also demanded that part of the video be deleted within the same period, argued its reputation had been damaged.

"We advise you that our client is a leading Car Sales in Zimbabwe with very strong international ties, links and partnerships. Our client has a traceable record of successful acquisitions of Isuzu motor vehicles on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe and/or most parastatals in this country," reads the letter dated August 2, 2022.

"Our client is a member of local international organisations as well as professional bodies which require high ethical standards from its members.

"The widely published video which has global reach has demeaned our client's status and it has seriously damaged our client's major asset which is its goodwill and trading brand.

"Put differently, the publication of the statement which you made about Paza Buster is malicious and injurious, It is not factually correct, and for the avoidance of doubt, our client denies failure to deliver fully paid motor vehicles to the Government of Zimbabwe in 2017.

"Our client's reputation has been severely damaged. Consequently, our client advises us that it is now on the verge of losing many lucrative contracts as the published video has cast it in a very bed light."

Source - NewZimbabwe