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Police called in to defuse pupils gang violence

by Staff reporter
05 Aug 2022 at 06:38hrs | Views
POLICE in Bulawayo were yesterday called to escort some pupils to prevent gang fights that characterise closing day at some schools.

Learners at Sobukazi High in Mzilikazi and Msitheli in Mpopoma had to be escorted out of school premises by police who foiled planned gang fights and Vuzu parties around the city.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube warned that police will not hesitate to take action against pupils engaging in illegal activities and who normally cause trouble during school holidays.

He said police are on high alert and will arrest learners and residents engaging, planning or attending Vuzu parties during the holidays.

"As Zimbabwe in Bulawayo we have been receiving messages from social media platforms that school children were planning gang fights, Vuzu parties and other hooliganism activities soon after closing for second term.

We then deployed police to various schools and by end of day there were no reports of such activities as there was heavy police presence in some of our schools," he said.

"I urge learners to desist from these activities as they risk being arrested and we call on parents to be vigilant during the school holiday and be always aware of their children's whereabouts.

Parents should encourage their children to revise their school work and we will do all we can to arrest any learner who is found on the wrong side of the law.

Any resident engaging or planning these activities should be reported to any nearest police station or residents may call me directly on 0718007788 with a tip off."

A concerned resident from Mpopoma suburb, Ms Princess Ndebele said rowdy behaviour by learners was a cause for concern that should be nipped in the bud.

She said exposure to social media and the internet was breeding a very disrespectful generation of youths who drink beer publicly while in school uniform.

"We know that these kids now need the presence of police to be able to go home without fights or parties on closing day which is very worrying.

We never used to behave like this; I mean we respected elders and we would run away if we were ever spotted even arguing.

Police should continue maintaining order because it's clear that parents are failing at home," she said.

A resident from Cowdray Park said parents should invest more time in monitoring who is playing with or inspiring their children as a means to curb such rowdy behaviours.

"Children are getting all parental guidance from the internet and not so well behaved friends, on social media since parents are always working hard to get that extra dollar.

We however need to deliberately invest time in getting to know our children better and be in touch with the reality on the ground so that we inspire them to be better citizens.

Surely we cannot have them being manned by police as if they are criminals but it's the behaviour that needs to be addressed at home so that we have well behaved learners,' he said.

Source - The Chronicle