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NGOs' anti-Zimbabwe stance hits new low

by Staff reporter
17 Aug 2022 at 06:36hrs | Views
Western-sponsored non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have once again contrived a bad statement alleging cooked up human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, all to cast the country in bad light, ahead of the SADC 42nd summit that starts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), today.

This has become their modus operandi ahead of each international convention and conference.

The NGOs that purportedly represent human rights have been accused by analysts of manufacturing falsehoods in the vein hope of isolating Zimbabwe from the comity of nations.

In their latest devious bid through the so-called Zimbabwe Human Rights Association and the anti-Zimbabwe Southern African Human Rights Defenders are expected to release a damming yet baseless statement that accuses Government of violating rights of prisoners and its citizens in general.

According to the statement which is targeting the international community, the United Nations (UN) must intervene and interpret laws of a sovereign country in the form of Zimbabwe.

"To the International Community, We urge the United Nations to speak out clearly through its various avenues against the increasing use of pre-trial detention by the Zimbabwean authorities to criminalise activism, free assembly and expression.

"Zimbabwe as a member of the family of nations has committed to upholding rule of law and respect human rights must live by such obligations," read part of the statement.

Further the NGOs, that have a history of intruding into the country's politics through blatant support of the opposition, accuse the country's law enforcement agents of being partisan when by Zimbabwe's statutes all are equal before the law.

In a direct interference with the country's justice delivery system, the two organisations, that are Western funded attempt to direct the courts to swiftly dispense with cases involving opposition leader Job Sikhala, who is currently facing charges of inciting violence, which engulfed the sprawling town of Chitungwiza, resulting in deaths of innocent civilians and extensive damage to private property.

Most disconcertingly the charges that have been raised by the two NGOs appear to have emanated from some Western embassies that an agenda to effect regime change and install a puppet Government.

NGOs in the country in cahoots with the opposition have used every international forum to sully the image of the Second Republic through among other things faking abductions and releasing baseless statements.

Source - The Herald
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