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Tinashe Kambarami 'mocks' Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Mlandu Ncube

by Mandla Ndlovu
28 Aug 2022 at 16:16hrs | Views
Former Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami has mocked and denigrated the current Deputy Mayor Councillor Mlandu Ncube calling him deregatory as Councillor Murandu eight times in a letter from his lawyer to the Bulawayo Town Clerk,  Bruce Israel Masamvu from Masamvu &  Da Silva-Gustavo Law Chambers.

The letter sent to the Town Clerk on the 23rd of August Kambarami through his lawyers said:
  1. On 19 August...His Worship Councilor Solomon Mguni, assigned one Councilor Murandu to attend and meet the Honourable Vice President of Zimbabwe in his place
  2. Councilor Murandu was delegated in his capacity as the 'Deputy Mayor'
  3. On 22nd of August 2022, Council called for a General Purpose Meeting...but Councillor Murandu was invited and he acted as 'Deputy Mayor.'
  4. We are further advised by our client that Councilor Murandu is still enjoying Deputy Mayor benefits..
  5. Second, ...our client..appeared for the meeting on the 22nd of August 2022...the Mayor instead invited Councilor Murandu who took position of our client.
  6. The Mayor requested Councilor Murandu to meet the...Vice President on his behalf as the 'Deputy Mayor.'
  7. We also demand answers as to why Councilor Murandu is still being invited to sit as the Deputy Mayor...

Commenting on the matter, Ibhetshu likaZulu Secretary General Mbuso Fuzwayo said the shonalisation of the name of the Deputy Mayor was a clear tribal agenda by Kambarami and his team.

Said Fuzwayo, "We saw the letter that is circulating on social media where our Deputy Mayor is referred as Murandu by a Shona Ward 3 Councilor Kambarami and his Shona lawyer Bruce Israel Masamvu.

"What worries us as an organisation is that if Kambarami and his Shona lawyers can not pronounce the name of the Deputy Mayor why could they not call him by his surname Ncube? Surely there is a Shona clique that seeks to undermine us as a people and our officials. We would want to assure the people of Bulawayo that we will not sit back and watch such nonsense. We are the vanguards of this City and we will do all our all to protect our City and our City Fathers."

Source - Byo24News