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Chamisa says nobody has monopoly over state institutions

by Staff reporter
03 Sep 2022 at 19:17hrs | Views
Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has blasted Zanu-PF leadership whom he claims are behind violence orchestrated on his party faithful saying the ruling party must always bear in mind that no political party or individual can monopolize state apparatus.

Chamisa made the remark while addressing a press conference at Cresta Oasis in Harare following a violent attack on his convoy in Gokwe where he had gone for a rally to drum up support for CCC candidate, Costin Muguti in the Gokwe-Kabuyuni by-election set for August 27.

"Nobody has monopoly over state institutions. Now we are focusing not just on transferring power because an inauguration process is already in place. We are ready for what we are going to do.

"Nobody has monopoly of being foolish and reckless but let's make sure we democratise that monopoly. By the way it's not a threat, but rather a promise," said Chamisa.

The CCC leader said nothing will last forever and denounced all forms of violence Zanu-PF had or would perpetrate against Zimbabweans.

"No darkness lasts forever. All darkness is for a particular season, just for the past six months, it's shocking that we have witnessed 28 arrests of opposition political activists including the Nyatsime 16 (legislators Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole are part of the detainees). Just yesterday, 13 people were seriously injured in Gokwe with some being burnt for wearing yellow T-shirts.

"Now let us go mango as CCC (having a green outside with yellow inside). Just be Zanu-PF in slogans but be sure to maintain integrity and the change you believe. Just yesterday in Gokwe, Zanu-PF did a funny thing in Gokwe as they chased our convoy but we had to find ways to block the heavily armed assailants (with AK47s) through our security. They had 21 vehicles and I am surprised July Moyo, a whole government minister was part of them which surprises me as to why he chose to behave like a little thug," added Chamisa.

He went on to say the CCC party will stick to its promise to peacefully take over the presidency unlike their Zanu-PF counterparts who allegedly resort to violence when push comes to shove.

"We will not be drawn into deliberate ploys to drag us into violence. We have seen the machinations of Zanu-PF who want to descend in violence so that they can justify a state of emergency and their violence. CCC shall remain peaceful and maintain peace.

"Claiming a win does not mean killing people or walking over dead bodies or other things I have heard people talking about. We are clear about the route we have taken but trust the process and leadership; you will see it at the appropriate time. Don't hurry, rush or even harass us because violence is not part of our DNA for peace is our language, nature and next foot forward for Zimbabwe. In the past, we have won elections but not transferred power, now we are ready for what we are doing.

"Nations are built by dialogue and conversations not by violence or attacks and arrogance. Nations are not built by killing people because if you do so, you will end up with a cemetery and not a country. Unoda kuita goritoto here? (Do you want to be ghost?)" he said.

Zanu-PF has on record been accused of resorting to violence during elections to force people to vote for the party with the strategy usually paying dividends in rural areas where traditional leaders are used to spearhead such violent campaigns.

Source - TellZim