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Chamisa challenged about too much church verses, and not enough policy, fight

by Staff reporter
16 Oct 2022 at 19:29hrs | Views
OPPOSITION Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has defended his faith after a supporter challenged him about focusing on Biblical verses more than outlining the "roadmap to a new Zimbabwe".

Chamisa, an ordained pastor, regularly posts biblical verses and teachings on his social media but a supporter challenged him on Twitter, saying biblical verses would not remove Zanu-PF from power.

After the CCC leader put up a post quoting Mathew 16:26, one CalvinTee said; "Chamisa enough with verses mhen; zvaakunyangadza (we are fed up)!!"

In response Chamisa said; "I respect your opinions, but I find it difficult to move away from my deepest convictions and faith.

"Let's respect diversity of priorities. This earthly life is so shot and temporary. Godliness is profitable unto all things. I will never stop sharing verses and the word. God bless you."

Undeterred, CalvinTee rejoined saying; "My president, I'm also a Christian, my concern is that I'm seeing more verses on your TL than the roadmap to a new Zimbabwe.

"I personally want to see more of policy clarification. Religion alone won't take us from this dungeon."

Referred by another Twitter user to the opposition party's โ€˜prepare document', CalvinTee retorted; "You don't get it, do you?

"The majority of the electorate are not academics. The document should be re-emphasised through regular social media interaction, NOT verses.

"Churches will do the Lord's work; this is politics, not religion."

To which Chamisa responded; "But I'm more just politics."

The CCC leader was however warned that the views expressed by CalvinTee were shared by many.

Said one Karigamombe03;

Another Twitter user added;

The opposition leader was however, supported by other Twitter users in the public expression of his faith.

Below are some of the posts in support of Chamisa;

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