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Vapostori4ED call for immediate removal of sanctions

by Staff reporter
25 Oct 2022 at 06:02hrs | Views
LOCAL religious leaders have strongly condemned illegal punitive sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and are calling for their immediate removal.

Speaking during a press conference held in Harare yesterday, Vapostori for Economic Development (Vapostori4ED) National Chairperson Madzibaba Moses Lyold Gwasarira described anti-sanctions day as an essential day for Vapostori as they are in agreement with the 39th SADC summit that designated October 25 of each year as the day against sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

"Today as the Indigenous Religion of Zimbabwe we strongly condemn these illegal punitive measures that are crippling our development as citizens, paralysing our sovereign Nation and government sectors, inflicting poverty to Zimbabweans through a systematic barrier to international markets for products and refusing our democratically elected government from developing essential infrastructure," he said in a speech read on his behalf by national organising secretary Madzibaba Luxsord Mutova.

Madzibaba Moses said they were unapologetic about their support of the Second Republic as the nation move towards vision 2030.

"We are Religious leaders and we are not politicians but we are patriots, we are purists but we are not extremists. We were the Second to fight unjustified and unprovoked declaration of colonial war by whites, " he said.

He said as the religious sector they are ready to sacrifice themselves just like what their founding fathers did during the liberation struggle.

"Today these illegal economic sanctions are a flash back to why Baba Johanne was persecuted, a flash back to why Elijah Mugodhi was oppressed, a flash back to why Baba Marange Momberume was fighting for religious emancipation and why Enerst Paul Mwazha we Africa could not rest fighting for Freedom of this Nation, " he said .

Like any other sector Vapostori are suffering from the effects of sanctions.

The religious leaders have since taken spiritual arms to fight illegal sanctions.

"We now take our spiritual arms to fight these illegal sanctions and their effects so that our people will not be mentally swayed astray into negative judgements against us the Spiritual leaders who are part and parcel of the Liberation Struggle and the patriotic future of this nation. We pledge to the National flag and to the defence of the gains of the liberation struggle,"

Speaking at the same event, Vapostori4ED National Spokesperson Madzibaba Obey Mupuranga took a jibe at unpatriotic Zimbabweans who nicodemously go to Europe begging for sanctions.

"As spiritual leaders we are against foreign interference, we don't just denounce sanctions at a press conference but through our religious grassroots, we are all in disagreement with this fact so we are ring fencing the gains of the liberation struggle and we are giving a repulsion to those individuals who are inviting foreign interference in this country, " he said.

He also added that various events have been lined up for today's anti-sanction day.

"Tomorrow (today) our provinces are engaging in prayers , where we are going to have some vigils in our difference provinces.

As spiritual leaders tomorrow ( today) will be praying for our nation and doing spiritual rituals so that this country can never be interfered and be a colony again," he said.

The Vapostori4ED National co ordinator Pastor Emmanuel Mazhingiri said regardless of political opinion, creed, or religion, should join together in calling for the lifting of sanctions.

"Let's speak with one voice , yes we have different ideological perspectives when it comes to certain things but our objectives are the same.

"Everyone wants to see a prosperous Zimbabwe and that can only be achieved if we unite against foreign interference."

Vapostori4ED is an economic lobby group which seeks to bring together apostolic and Zion church members together to actively participate in the country's economic development program.

Mugodhi Apostolic Faith church, Zion Jerusalem , African Apostolic church , Johane Masowe Wechishanu are rallying behind the President under the banner Vapostori4ED.

The Second Republic, led by President Mnangagwa, has taken practical steps to re-engage the world, including antagonistic Western nations by roping in the church.

Source - The Herald