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'Zimbabwe is unstoppable'

by Staff reporter
28 Oct 2022 at 06:21hrs | Views
ENDOWED with rich mineral resources, an indomitable spirit and hardworking people, Zimbabwe is unstoppable in its quest to achieve upper-middle-class status by 2030 under the competent rule of Zanu-PF, President Mnangagwa has said.

This is because Zanu-PF remains the party of choice for Zimbabweans, and through its people-tailored policies, the country's modernisation and industrialisation agenda will be pursued to fruition regardless of machinations by detractors to throw spanners into the people's train.

Addressing outgoing Central Committee members in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa, who is Zanu-PF First Secretary, implored the team to continue serving the party faithfully and diligently regardless of posting after their tenure, saying being a card carrying member of Zanu-PF is a source of great pride.

"As the curtain comes down on this current term of our Central Committee, may we all take pride in that during our tenure, the party constitution was upheld to the letter. The ideals and founding values, principles and ethos of Zanu-PF were preserved. We never dropped the baton and hence have every reason to stand tall and proud.

"I particularly recognise you all for guiding, supporting and providing the requisite leadership for the successful implementation of the various policies, resolutions and programmes of the party," said the President.

Rising above adversities such as Covid-19, climate change and the deleterious effects of the illegal Western imposed sanctions, Zanu-PF under the leadership of President Mnangagwa has continued to implement policies and programmes that uplift the population — and which in turn have seen multitudes of people joining the revolutionary party as evidenced by its victory in by-elections that were held in the last five years.

"Through your unwavering efforts and in collaboration with other wings and affiliate organisations, our party Zanu-PF continues to enjoy dominance and popularity across the 10 provinces of our country," President Mnangagwa said.

He added that through the "commitment, loyalty, patriotism and rich collective institutional memory and capacities" of the outgoing Central Committee members, the ruling party has managed to record success both at party and Government levels.

For instance, the country, because of its rich mineral resource base coupled with investor-friendly policies edified by President Mnangagwa's "Zimbabwe is Open for Business" mantra, is set to achieve a US$12 billion economy by 2023.

In the agricultural sector, another key pillar of the country's economy, policies that were initiated by President Mnangagwa have already resulted in the attainment of national food security and increased exports and foreign currency earnings.

"The mining sector has experienced growth of over two-fold since 2017 and we are on course to realising our US$12 billion mining sector target.

"Diamond mining has resumed, while the platinum and chrome sectors are expanding and focusing on local value addition and beneficiation. Frameworks are now in place to ensure that our nation realises maximum benefits from our natural resource endowments. We are set to emerge as a global player in iron and steel as well as lithium sub-sectors. All these achievements are a result of the bold policies of our party Zanu-PF.

"Similarly, the manufacturing and tourism sectors have recorded notable achievements due to the responsive policies of our colossal, revolutionary party. The quality of our social services is improving from education, health and housing to water and sanitation among other aspects.

"The party leadership is uniting the people under our revolutionary party, and consolidating the gains achieved since our country's independence," said the President.

The country's economic transformation is also measurable through rapid construction of roads, dams and other infrastructure in all parts of the country in fulfilment of President Mnangagwa's philosophy of development that leaves no one and no place behind.

Keeping up with the development in the country, President Mnangagwa has indefatigably been commissioning new projects almost on a weekly basis, itself another indicator of the country's economic transformation.  

The 7th Zanu-PF National Congress is being held under the theme; "Building a Prosperous Zimbabwe, Leaving No one and No Place Behind", in fulfilment of President Mnangagwa's philosophies.

"As the Central Committee, we have vigilantly stayed on this course and ensured that Zanu-PF remains the custodian of the vision, hopes and aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe. We continue delivering on all our promises as we build a prosperous Zimbabwe, leaving no one and no place behind," President Mnangagwa said.

"Comrades, this 7th National People's Congress must serve to remind all party structures from the cell upwards, of the unstoppable nature as well as the organisational and leadership capabilities of our revolutionary mass party.

"Zanu-PF inzou irikufamba, ichingofamba, vamwe vachihukura. We are an unstoppable train; everybody is welcome in Zanu-PF. Let us preach this gospel, more so as we approach the 2023 Harmonised General Elections.

"Going forward, Unity, Peace and Development is the party motto. There can be no vacillation to these founding principles."

Reiterating his call for peace, tolerance, respect and non-violence, the President said these traits must remain the compass for the ruling party even as it galvanises support for next year's harmonised elections.

"Guided by our development mantra, Nyika inovakwa, inotongwa nevene vayo; Ilizwe lakhiwa, libuswe ngabanikazi balo, our party membership and the nation as a whole must pursue equitable socio-economic development. We have the weighty obligation to make sure that our people unflinchingly protect our country's independence and freedom.

"In addition, acceleration of the modernisation and industrialisation agenda is urgent through unparalleled patriotism, national pride and self-belief in us, as Zimbabweans. In unity, brick by brick, stone upon stone and step by step, we are surely building a prosperous Zimbabwe that leaves no one and no place behind."

The Central Committee adopted a report to the 7th National People's Congress and the attendant Congress Agenda and Programmes.

A moment of silence was also observed in honour of Zanu-PF heroes and heroines who died in the past five years.

Source - The Herald