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Tormented Cowdray Park family leaves home

by Staff reporter
28 Oct 2022 at 06:22hrs | Views
AFTER being attacked by about 10 armed robbers at her house in Cowdray Park in an incident that left her son hospitalized, Mrs Nokuthula Ngwenya (46) and her family are so traumarised that they have moved to a "safe house."

Mrs Ngwenya's son, Mr Nqobile Ngwenya (23), a final year final year Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering student at the National University of Science and Technology was axed eight times on the head as he pleaded with the armed robbers not to kill his mother early this month.

The family retired to bed at around 10PM after he was done with his university presentation that he was supposed to submit the next day.

At around 2AM, the armed robbers pounced. Mr Ngwenya suffered severe injuries on his head and face which the robbers mostly targeted.

There are other not so serious injuries on his neck, shoulders, arms and hands that he used to try and defend himself with.

Every time he told the robbers to leave his mother alone, he was struck with an axe on the head and beaten up.

In an interview, Mrs Ngwenya said they have temporarily moved out of the house in Cowdray Park following the horrific attack as her children are traumatized there.

She said since the robbery, she has not been able to sleep well as memories of events that took place that day keep playing in her head.

"Ever since the robbers attacked us in our house, things have not been the same. Both my son and daughter are still traumatised by what took place that day. I think this is even hard for my son who was beaten to a pulp and harassed by the armed robbers.

As a family, we have even moved to somewhere else with the hope that the replay of events in our heads would not haunt us. It is really a difficult phase that we are going through as a family and l think getting counselling services is going to help us," said Mrs Ngwenya.

She said they have not had proper counselling.

Mrs Ngwenya said she could not state their new home because of fear that maybe the armed robbers who are still at large will locate them and attack again.

Mrs Ngwenya said counselling would help her children especially her son.

Mr Ngwenya who has since been discharged from hospital said he is recovering and is looking forward to even being well again as time progresses.

Renowned psychiatrist and Ingutsheni Central Hospital clinical director Dr Wellington Ranga said armed robbery victims, including the Ngwenya family are free to visit the hospital for free counselling sessions.

He said he was unable to give a comment about how armed robberies affect victims as patients must be assessed first and then conclusions given out based on that.

"I have not had any patients involved in armed robberies that came seeking counselling at the hospital. People think that Ingutsheni is for mad people and they are afraid to come through because of that mentality.

I encourage people especially those involved in armed robberies to come visit the hospital and get free counselling that they need so that they get assistance on what they are going through", said Dr Ranga.

Source - The Chronicle
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