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Outcry over Insimbi ZeZhwane's 'inaudible vocals'

by Staff reporter
17 Nov 2022 at 18:43hrs | Views
Rhumba music band, Insimbi ZeZhwane's latest album release has reignited the debate about their inaudible vocals, something that fans have always indicated each time the group releases new music.

The South Africa-based award-winning band from Tsholotsho has, over the years, managed to develop its own unique sound which has wowed many rhumba fans, but, some of their followers have been complaining that the lyrics are not audible. This they said kills the fun as they are not able to sing along to some of the songs and generally, get the messages from their music.

The latest seven-track album titled Umshosha Phansi was launched in South Africa two weeks ago at a packed Hillbrow Theatre where a businessman apparently splashed over R40 000 on stage as the band was performing.

After listening to the album, some fans of the group took to social media and complained about the vocals saying they were not audible.

"Insimbi ZeZhwane has their unique tune, but you struggle to hear what they are saying in their songs. Their compositions are unique, but you need time to try and get the message. They just need to address that," suggested one fan.

Wrote another: "The new album is good in terms of sound, but for you to get what's being sung, you'll need a whole year and by that time, they'll be having another one (album). It's boring as you cannot sing along."

National FM DJ Thulani Munyandi who has an appreciation of the genre said the band that is loved by many needs to address the challenge with their vocals.

"The group is very popular. During our road shows and on the radio, fans always request their songs. However, the issue of unclear vocals in their songs is something of concern because people want to get the message without struggling.

"Their instruments are top notch and my only challenge with them is on the vocals in terms of getting what's being sung because when you sing, you'll be communicating. It's not every song (that's not audible) but you find that you may have to strain yourself to hear what's being sung," Munyandi said.

He went on to advise the group to try and address the problem with their producer.

"Sometimes, it's not every music composer who has a gift of singing which many bands must take into account for the growth of the music. I suggest that they play around with their producers and see if the issue can be addressed during the mixing or mastering of their tracks. I hope the guys will find a solution to it because it's a genuine concern," he said.

To try and have an appreciation of their singing style, Chronicle Showbiz reached out to the band's lead vocalist Elvis "MaElie" Mathe who was unforthcoming.

In response to concerns from the public, the band manager, Bahlanu "SaGqomo" Sibanda said the band addressed the issue of vocals on this album.

"This time ayikho into engazwakali, konke ku clear in as far as I can hear. Even the feedback from the fans suggests so," he said.

SaGqomo said the launch was a huge success adding that the band is now preparing to stage shows over the festive season.

"The show went very well as it commanded a full house. We're now planning to have a show here early next month before we jet off to Zimbabwe for more shows over the festive season," he said.

The album has tracks, Insika, GPS, Umshosha Phansi, Inyeluka, EGetsemane, Mpalanyana and Child Abuse.

Winning the Best Rhumba award at the Zimbabwe Music Awards and Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) in the last two years and the latest nomination at the RoilBAAs is proof of the band's growing popularity.

Source - The Chronicle