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Zanu-PF tells aspiring candidates not to jump the gun

by Staff reporter
21 Nov 2022 at 23:51hrs | Views
Zanu-PF has warned aspiring candidates intending to represent the party in next year's harmonised elections against jumping the gun saying everyone should wait for the party to make an official statement.

Zimbabwe will next year hold synchronised elections for councils, Parliament and the Presidency, triggering jockeying for positions among an array of candidates who would like to represent the ruling party.

In the process some undisciplined aspiring candidates are derailing projects that sitting councillors, Members of Parliament, and Senators are undertaking.

While party members are democratically allowed to contest and or vote for their preferred candidates, the national leadership usually gives a green light through the Commissariat Department.

Addressing a Press Conference at the party headquarters in Harare yesterday, Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha said the party is yet to come up with guidelines on the selection process.

"We have received reports from across all the provinces that aspiring candidates are going around soliciting for support to be voted in as Members of Parliament or as councillors in various local authorities.

"It is a right of every member of the party to stand for elections and to be considered for positions. It's a right as a member that if positions do come out you express your desire to be considered. You will also be given time to solicit for votes and compete with others for those positions and in the end the winner is then voted in and we support whoever is the winner.

"Having said that it doesn't give the right for those members to campaign as and when they want to campaign. There is a time that will come when we will advise those who are aspiring for those positions to come and campaign. Normally that comes after the party has declared that the time to campaign has started," said Cde Bimha.

The party, he said, will disseminate the criteria for those who want to be considered in various positions.

"In most cases we will have disseminated the criteria for those to be considered for the various positions. We will disseminate the guidelines to be followed by those who want to be considered therefore it's not right for a member to come up and solicit for support before you are aware of the guidelines, the requirements, and criteria before the party authorises you to do so," Cde Bimha said.

He warned aspiring candidates that those found on the wrong side of the party constitution will face disciplinary action.

"When you campaign before the time, its tantamount to a disciplinary offence and therefore once you do that you are liable for disciplinary action. I am appealing to members who are aspiring to be Members of Parliament or councillors not to go out and campaign".

 Cde Bimha also appealed to provincial structures and District Co-ordinating Committee members to monitor such activities.  Meanwhile, the Zanu-PF party leadership has met with Vapostori for Economic Development (Vapostori 4ED) drawn from different apostolic sects who pledged their support for President Mnangagwa's economic development trajectory.

The party was represented by Cde Bimha who presided over the meeting, Secretary for Security Cde Lovemore Matuke, Women's League Secretary Cde Mabel Chinomona, and deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde John Paradza.

Vapositori 4ED assured President Mnangagwa of their support and pledged mobilisation of followers to vote for the ruling party in next year's harmonised elections.

They urged Zimbabweans to remain united and to shun all forms of violence before, during and after the elections. Vapostori 4ED spokesperson Madzibaba Obey Mapuranga said their organisation is ready to play its part in defence of the revolution.

"As members of the apostolic sect and Vapositori 4ED we are in full support of the government and President ED Mnangagwa," he said.

 "Our stance is that as apostolic sects, we should be in support of the Government governing this country. We will work hand in hand with the Government to preach unity, peace and love among the people."

 Madzibaba Mapuranga said he had never seen President Mnangagwa preaching hate speech or inciting violence.

He said the group would continue to pray for peace for Zimbabwe and for economic development.

Source - The Herald