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Woman stalks hubby's friend

by Staff reporter
17 Dec 2022 at 12:10hrs | Views
HAVING been deserted by her husband over witchcraft allegations, a Mutare woman was left so devastated and threatening to commit suicide.

The woman, Tatenda Chimwesa, is also venting her anger on her husband's friend, Webster Nhambu, accusing him of having influenced him to leave her through his prophecies.

Chimwesa is alleged to have resorted to stalking Nhambu and threatening to commit suicide and have her body dumped at his doorstep.

Fearing that Chimwesa might commit suicide, Nhambu applied for a peace order against her at Mutare Civil Court.

The matter was heard by Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato who granted the peace order which is valid for five years.

Nhambu said Chimwesa was in the habit of sending him text messages, threatening to commit suicide because of her marital problems.

"She texts me saying she wants to kill herself. In the messages, she said she would instruct her family members to dump her body at my house after her death. She at times calls and insults me. She also visits my workplace to harass me," said Nhambu.

He said Chimwesa was also stalking him.

"She asks everyone about my whereabouts. She is stalking me. Each time I meet her, she insults and harasses me. I am applying for a peace order because I do not want her body being dumped at my house," he said.

In response, Chimwesa said she approached Nhambu to stop his friendship with her unnamed husband as this was the source of her marital challenges.

Chimwesa also said Nhambu accuses her of practicing witchcraft.

"He is a prophet and claims that he had visions where he sees me practicing witchcraft. He claimed that I am the root cause of my husband's failure to progress in life. Nhambu influenced my husband to dump me and I do not know my husband's whereabouts as he has deserted our matrimonial home.

"He also claims that I am failing to conceive because I feed a snake that I possess with my unborn children. My husband ended up assaulting me because of Nhambu's unfounded and baseless allegations. The truth is that he is a bogus prophet," said Chimwesa.

She also said Nhambu applied for a peace order against her to benefit from her husband's money without her interfering.

"I think he just wants money from my husband, a reason why he feeds him with lies. He frequently phones my husband asking for money. His friendship with my husband is for material benefit only," she said.

However, Nhambu denied the allegations that he made any prophesies concerning her and demanded that Chimwesa's husband should come to the court to testify.

Nhambu also said he was not aware that Chimwesa's husband had deserted her.

Source - Manica Post
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