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Chaos as Insiza North MP Farai Taruvinga is embroiled in a scandalous 66 cows soccer tournament

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Jan 2023 at 19:03hrs | Views
Controversial ZANU PF Insiza North Member of Parliament Farai Taruvinga has been embroiled in a  US$60 000 controversial soccer tournament which has caused members of the constituency to go up in arms and accuse him of promising them tournament prices that did not materialize.

Reliable information reaching this reporter indicates that Taruvinga misled the youths of Insiza by alleging that he has availed US$60 000 to Insiza Grassroots Sports Development (IGSD) who decided to use football as a tool to promote voter registration in the district as well as help arrest social ills amongst young people.

The embattled lawmaker promised the following:

First Team will walk away with 27 heifers

 The second Team will walk away with 17 heifers

 The third Team will walk away with 12 heifers

 The fourth Team will walk away with 10 heifers.

At the time of writing, Ward 12 which pummelled Ward 7 5-1 in the final play is still yet to get the promised  27 Brahman cattle, and the other teams are still yet to get their promised cows.

Participants who spoke to this reporter said they were not happy with how they were sold a ruse by the lawmaker.

A member of Ward 12 who spoke to this reporter said, "The MP told us that we are going to get 27 cows and up to today there is nothing. We gave it our all and in the true spirit of the competition, we showed what it means to play fairly. But today we are still waiting for the prices that we were promised.

"The other teams that were supposed to get up to 10 cows are still waiting for the cows. We are tired of the promise after promise that the MP's office has been giving us."

Taruvinga also said Progress Mines was funding the tournament yet the company is riddled with massive debt with the company going for months failing to pay its employees.

Some villagers also told this reporter that the MP told the constituency that he bought a new ambulance for Shangani Hospital yet he only serviced injectors of the government-owned vehicle to the tune of $140.

Another villager in Ward 23 accused the MP of tarnishing the MP of being a serial liar regarding his contributions in the constituency and escribed him as a person who likes to reap where he did not sow.

Taruvinga is not new to controversy after his ZANU PF assigned vehicle was used in an abduction attempt on and two people were arrested in connection with the incident.

The incident was captured on a video, showed the men attempting to abduct a motorist by throwing him in the back of a Zanu PF truck assigned to the MP.

Some ZANU PF youths who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity said the lawmaker was also involved in the illegal trade of fuel and other illicit activities surrounding his mining interests in the province.

Source - Byo24News