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Zanu-PF and CCC pursuing the 4th Chimurenga agenda: Is it mere coincidence?

by Mqondisi Moyo
22 Jan 2023 at 17:55hrs | Views
Barbara Tanyanyiwa, a woman representative at CCC was on 19th  January 2022 interviewed by Studio 7 on the arrests of 25 CCC members in Budiriro in Harare.  In her 2 minutes, 15 seconds interview, she declared that CCC was pushing a 4th Chimurenga agenda. On 16 May 2022, CCC president Nelson Chamisa also declared that his party was pursuing the 4th Chimurenga to liberate Zimbabweans.

 Zanu-PF has also, always declared that they are pushing the 4th Chimurenga agenda. Emerson Mnangagwa even said that the 4th Chimurenga aims to improve mindset and lifestyle. But well-informed people like me who are also knowledgeable about Zanu-PF and CCC, know that the 4th Chimurenga is all about Shonalising Mthwakazi by both Zanu-PF and CCC. I challenge both Zanu-PF and CCC to tell us what agenda did the 1st,  2nd and 3rd Chimurenga achieve and who fought in these wars and against who?

An interesting point to note especially on the CCC declaration that they are on the 4th Chimurenga is a testimony that like their mother party Zanu-PF, directly or indirectly participated in the First, Second and Third Chimurengas, not forgetting that the Second Chimurenga was on Gukurahundi Genocide of 1983 to 1987. According to Shonas the third Chimurenga was the chaotic land reform program of 1999 to 2000.

My million-dollar question to Mthwakazi people who are in CCC and Zanu-PF is why are they comfortable in Zanu-PF and CCC when those parties don't accommodate them? There is no such kind of 4th Chimurenga declaration in Ndebele or any Mthwakazi 13 languages. Can't you realise that you are all conduits of the Shona 1979 Grand plan, its 14-page Review Document by Zanu-PF and code xxx by Nelson Chamisa and his CCC.

I have a clarion call on the so-called Ndebele leadership in Zanu-PF like, Kembo Campbell Mohadi, Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, Sithembiso Nyoni, Angelina Masuku, Believe Gaule, Judith Ncube, Jabulani JB Sibanda, Jacob Mudenda, Mangaliso Ndlovu, Richard Moyo and many other so-called Ndebele leadership in Zanu-PF abanye lizaqambana lodwa!!!!!

The same call goes to Mthwakazi Ndebele leadership in CCC and these are: Prof Welshman Ncube, Dr Thokozani Khupe, Abednego Bhebhe and Prince Dubeko Sibanda. Abanye benu engibatshiyileyo lizaziqambela liyazana.

I further ask you both Zanu-PF and CCC Ndebele leadership do you really understand the agendas pursued by these two satanic Shona political organisations that you claim to be in? Do you really understand the meaning and the secret behind the 4th Chimurenga agenda, or its because of your political stomach politics on the justification that you are pursuing nationalism that even the late Dr Joshua Nkomo failed to understand and achieve for the benefit of Mthwakazi people. Instead, it benefitted Mashonaland people up to this day.

The only thing that has been nationalistic is the gukurahundi genocide and it's after effects, which are economic and the Shonalisation of Mthwakazi.

All of you are a disgrace to our fallen true heroes and heroines of Mthwakazi, a disgrace to all our martyrs, a disgrace to the victims and survivors of the Gukurahundi Genocide of 1983 to 1987, a disgrace to King Mambo, King Mzilikazi and King Lobhengula.  These are the leaders who never sold out to both Shonas and White people. But today we see you all aiding Shona people to destroy us as Mthwakazi nation hiding by pursuance of nationalism politics that you also don't understand. According to you, being in Harare for meetings that you don't have an influence on is nationalism.

I assign you to explain to us what do you understand by the 4th Chimurenga narrative pursued by Zanu-PF and its replica party CCC. The two seemingly opposing parties cannot pursue one Shona agenda which is not inclusive of Mthwakazi people.

Lest we forget that even during the 14th of November 2017 Coup negotiations only four shonas were involved, Robert Mugabe as the then President of Zimbabwe, his then Spokesperson George Charamba who is now Emerson Mnangagwa spokesperson,  Robert Mugabe's longtime friend Father Fidelis Mukonori of Roman Catholic and the current Vice President Constantine  Chiwenga representing the military and Emerson Mnangagwa. Where were Ndebele people in Zanu-PF to be part of those serious negotiations that were to determine the so-called nationalism they brag about. They were left out.  Only people like the late Simon Khaya Moyo and SB Moyo were called on to announce on ZBC to  that "Robert Mugabe is safe we are only targeting criminals around him"


Also not forgetting that  Shonas in the original Zapu led by Nkomo had their hidden agenda against Ndebele people then regardless of the fact that Zapu Central committee leadership had 80 percent of Shona-speaking people.  Even in the united MDC before the 2005 split, Morgan Tsvangirai and his shona cabal already had an agenda against the likes of Professor Welshman Ncube and the late Gibson Jama Sibanda ( May his soul rest in eternity).  After the 2005 split where Morgan Tsvangirai was deputised by Dr Khuphe, him and his shona cabal already had an agenda against her and her Ndebele group. That is why Tsvangirai could not leave Khuphe as  President of MDC.

All these experiences are a clear indication that when Shonas are working with Ndebele people they always have an agenda within an agenda. Ndebeles will be just chasing their own shadows. Not forgetting that when the coup happened Emerson Mnangagwa had already been expelled by Robert Mugabe and the only remaining legitimate vice president was Report Phelekezela Mphoko. But Shonas drove him out of the country so that constitutionally he could not take the reigns to become the Zimbabwe President. Shonas, in all their organisations,  want Ndebele people as their deputies.

 Mphoko was to be readmitted to the country after the swearing-in of Emerson Mnangagwa and by then his vice Presidency was unconstitutionally and unprocedurally revoked.

They only need you when they want to use you and hand you crumbs falling off their tables. And then we hear some of you claiming to be benefitting from the national cake whilst our resources are looted to Harare and you cannot even raise a voice on that.

Cry My beloved Mthwakazi.

Mqondisi Moyo
MRP President

Source - Mqondisi Moyo