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WATCH: Alleged Plumtree witch violently bashed by Tsikamutandas in Matobo

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Feb 2023 at 17:14hrs | Views
A disturbing video has surfaced on social media showing two youthful men who describe themselves as traditional healers beating up an elderly woman, whom they accuse of being a witch,  with tree branches.

The video, which is in two parts, begins with the two men approaching the woman at her homestead and accusing her of coming from her rural home in Plumtree to bewitch the people of Matobo.

While they are forcing her to open the house so that they can collect what they describe as human parts inside, one of the men accuse her of enlisting his services to kill a person called SaNgqabutho and promised to pay with a cow to which he claims he refused to do.

After many beatings and the woman feigning fainting, the second video shows the two men dragging the lady by her body down the road before letting her sit in the middle of the dusty road.

The man who said his services were enlisted for witchcraft killings is heard demanding cows from the woman for certain services that he rendered for her while the other man bring two tree branches and they continue to heavily assault her.

Watch the videos below:

Find the second video below:

Source - Byo24News