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Zanu-PF MP decries poor infrastructure in his area

by Staff reporter
25 Feb 2023 at 17:19hrs | Views
Lupane West Member of Parliament, Martin Khumalo, on extreme left, seen at the official installation of Chief Meluleki Menyezwa.
Lupane West Member of Parliament (MP), Martin Khumalo, has said the newly appointed Chief Menyezwa assumes responsibility at a challenging time because of poor infrastructure in the area.

Thursday saw the official installation of Meluleki Gumede as Chief Menyezwa in Dongamuzi Ward 1 in Lupane, ending a ten-year period during which the family was unable to decide on a replacement.

While congratulating Chief Menyeza, the constituency MP called on the government to address the village's terrible infrastructure such as the impassable roads, which make movement difficult for both locals and others.

"We have donated money and fuel to the chief that for the next five months he will be able to move to Dandanda, Mzola East and Mzola and interact with other chiefs, including Chief (Mabhikwa) Khumalo but minister (referring to Local Government Minister July Moyo) as his MP, I represent him in Parliament, he comes in at a difficult time in Dongamuzi," he said.

"There are headmen such as Headman Mthenjwa Khumalo who stay far away and there are no roads. The roads are impassable and is difficult for cars to use that road,"

Khumalo said Chief Menyezwa will find it challenging to lead a community who have no roads to ease movement.

"People who are gathered here at this event saw and experienced these impassable roads. The government must urgently fix the roads," said the MP.

The MP also noted that Chief Menyezwa assumes duty where there is no electricity in Dongamuzi.

"The electricity was installed but was not connected. It's our wish that when the chief starts his job, he is able to switch on electricity to watch the tv and see the work done by other chiefs," Khumalo said.

Chief Menyezwa also starts his role when there is no mobile service network in the area, said the MP to cheers of approval from the crowd gathered at the event.

"He will fail to communicate with other government offices," said Khumalo who also touched on the worrying state of Dongamuzi Clinic, which is suffering due to neglect and underfunding.

"The clinic construction remains incomplete."

The local government minister, in his speech, said the government was aware of the terrible road infrastructure.

"We are also aware that some of the roads surrounding the Menyezwa community need refurbishment. Roads such us Mzola to Jotsholo to Dandanda, the Gwayi to Lubimbi road, Jotsholo to Mzola to Dongamuzi road, the Lupane to Gomoza and Lupaka to Mzola to Dandanda," Moyo said.

Moyo also said the government was aware bridges in the area needed to be rehabilitated. "Bridges such as the Bubi River Bridge, Mbembesi River Bridge, Jotsholo River Bridge on the Shangani and Benzi Bridge need our attention," said the local government and public works minister

"All this will be looked into and addressed. Rest assured, therefore, that no one and no place will be left behind on this developmental agenda, which has seen the modernisation and refurbishment of infrastructure countrywide."

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