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Govt blames power crisis on lack of investment

by Staff reporter
17 Mar 2023 at 07:29hrs | Views
GOVERNMENT has blamed the power crisis in the country on lack of investments in the energy sector, which could hinder achievement of policy objectives to ensure clean and affordable energy by 2030.

Speaking at the World Consumer Rights Day celebrations in Harare on Wednesday, secretary in the Energy ministry Gloria Magombo said low investments in the power sector had made it difficult for the country to migrate to clean energy and provide power for the already connected consumers.

"We are going through a difficult time as the energy sector with regards to those customers who are already connected. We have power demand which has grown because of the growth of the economy and the demand for power is set to continue growing due to the anticipated growth of industries. We have had inadequate maintenance in the past, which has affected the performance of the existing units," Magombo said.

She said harsh penalties will be imposed on criminals that vandalise energy infrastructure.

"Some communities have set up groups to protect transformers and ensure that anyone who tampers around with it is apprehended on time.  But we are also looking at improving the legislative framework to ensure that we have 30-year mandatory sentences for those who move us back when we think we have moved two steps ahead," she said.

She also said the country was lagging behind in promoting clean and renewable energy, resulting in the majority making use of unclean sources such as firewood.

Magombo said the power shortages were a stumbling block to the growth of the economy.

"When we are looking at energy transition, we are ensuring that no one is left behind and that access to modern energy is obtained for all. For Zimbabwe, 62% have access to modern energy and we still have that 38% that has no access to modern energy."

Source - Newsday Zimbabwe
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