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WATCH: Chamisa and Mnangagwa must work together to establish Karanga hegemony

by Staff reporter
21 Mar 2023 at 09:06hrs | Views
Zimbabwe's National Council of Chiefs and Pan-African President, Senator Fortune Charumbira, has set the cat among the pigeons calling for talks between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa as "Karangas" for an ethnic hegemony ruling alliance.

Professor Jonathan MOyo says Chief Fortune Charumbira has called for a Government of Tribal Unity (GTU) for Karangas.

Charumbira's GTU call was made in Masvingo at the funeral of the late mother of Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume, also attended by Chamisa whose CCC is spinning the GTU as a GNU!
In his words:

"Taiti heyo [nyika] yatongwa nemazezuru kubva 1980, 40 years, ko ikozvino tanga tichimboti ingoendaka kumakaranga, ko iwe zvauri mukaranga, VaMnangagwa mukaranga, ko morwirei"?

Charumbira  called on President Mnangagwa and his karanga young brother Chamisa to talk and end abject poverty affecting Zimbabweans.

"President Mnangagwa and Chamisa both hail from Masvingo and are of the Karanga tribe, hence they can unite to assert Karanga ethnic dominance in a country whose politics was dominated by the Zezurus over the past four decades when the late former President Robert Mugabe was in charge," he said on Sunday in Masvingo while speaking at the funeral of Harare mayor Jacob Mafume's mother who died last week.

"If political leaders unite we'll witness a change in our lives.  As chiefs, we are happy to work with any party, Zanu-PF or CCC that would have won the elections. They are all sons of the soil. You say this one has sold out — but what will he gain when the whole country is struggling? That is silly propaganda, people have suffered," chief Charumbira said.

He said in Parliament, ruling party and opposition legislators eat together — while their supporters engage in violent fights.

Chief Charumbira urged Mnangagwa and Chamisa to lead by example and meet over tea to promote peace in the country.

"They must work together to establish a Karanga hegemony."

Political analysts lauded Charumbira's speech, but expressed concern that his call for the establishment of a Karanga ethnic hegemony might promote tribalism.

Academic and political analyst Alexander Rusere said:  "It's one thing for the chief to be preaching tolerance, peace and issues of Mnangagwa and Chamisa engaging in dialogue, but it's another to then have this kind of thinking saying it ought to then supplant the necessity of conducting elections.

"The problem we have is that of tribal politics at play in evoking the Kalanga dynamics of two rivalry presidents and him."

Rusere said democracy was not born out of two men wearing suits and talking together to nullify elections.

Source - Byo24News