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United Kingdom has Red Flagged Zimbabwe

by Shelton Muchena in London
25 Mar 2023 at 14:13hrs | Views
The United Kingdom (UK) yesterday  officially announced that Zimbabwe is now on the Red List. Therefore, active recruitment is not permitted from Zimbabwe.

The latest development comes after a massive brain drain from Zimbabwe to the UK, which saw health professionals migrating to the West in thousands after the introduction of a more relaxed Health Care Visa by the UK post Covid

Active international recruitment in the code is defined as the process by which UK health and social care employers target individuals to market UK employment opportunities, with the intention of recruiting to a role in the UK health or social care sector.

It includes both physical or virtual targeting and whether or not these actions lead to substantive employment.

The UK government through their website they said the only exception to this definition is where a candidate has already been appointed by a UK employer following an independent direct application and selection without the support of a recruitment organisation, agency or collaboration (defined below).

In this case, if required, these organisations can support and facilitate the employee's passage to the UK. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the recruitment organisation, agency, or collaboration, if challenged, to provide evidence that the services they are providing are permitted under this exception.

Direct applicationA 'direct application' is when an individual makes an application directly and on their own behalf to an employing organising. Direct applications do not use a third party, such as a recruitment organisation, agency, or collaboration.

Individual health and social care employers may consider direct applications from individuals who are residents in countries on the WHO Health Workforce Support and Safeguards List 2023 if they have made a direct application to a vacancy at their organisation. See 'Annexe A: red and amber list countries below.

A direct application can only be made in response to a vacancy that is hosted by and recruited to the same sponsoring organisation.

Source - Byo24News