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Chiyangwa scolds son Edmund for 'stealing property'

by Staff reporter
20 Apr 2023 at 12:17hrs | Views
A leaked audio has exposed a fierce dispute between businessman Phillip Chiyangwa and his son Edmund over ownership of a property.

Chiyangwa is heard shouting at his son accusing him of fraudulently changing the title deeds on his father's property, presumably to secure a mortgage.

Edmund does not deny it but claims he only did that because his father would not assist him if he had asked.

"You go and change directors of my company and you steal my property," Chiyangwa fumes.

"Why would you remove me and make yourself a director of a company you did not pay?"

The Zanu-PF MP further accuses his son who now resides in South Africa of being a thief.

"Isn't it that you went to South Africa to live your own life with your wife? Have I ever come to you asking for money!

"Everytime you're around me you're either stealing or failing. Every time your life follows my money," he said.

Edmund hits back, accuses his father of creating the situation that they are in. He, however, promises to quickly settle the mortgage in order to restore his father's property.

"It's you who is creating that situation. Sorry Mr Chiyangwa, I will quickly pay for these things," Edmund said.

Chiyangwa: "Your mindset is that, this person must die so that you gain. You have never contributed to this wealth other than stealing."

Edmund: "…. you can go to the police and report me. I will serve my jail time."

The flamboyant life president of Affirmative Action Group told his son to immediately restore his property deeds or risk facing undisclosed consequences.

"You should not be in my company, calling yourself director having removed me in order to access credit and fraudulently do so without knowledge that this could happen. Even in the very situation that I'm trying to sell that property, you have a bond on it.

"Please can you go and remove yourself from directorship right away and pay," Chiyangwa added.

Source - Nehanda Radio