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Car crashes as couple fights

by Staff reporter
21 Apr 2023 at 20:13hrs | Views
DRIVING can be a necessary and convenient part of everyday life, but, If you feel that you are too angry, don't.

The warning came after a man who was driving with his wife was almost involved in a horrific accident after he let go of the steering wheel to bash her following a heated argument over infidelity.

Drama started after Patience Dzumbunu reportedly confronted her husband Isaac Zingura (47) while accusing him of cheating on her with a married woman.

According to a source the accusations did not go down well with Zingura who shouted at his wife and later calmed down before promising to end the illicit affair.

Last week on Monday the seemingly suspicious Dzumbunu discovered that her bed-hopping husband was still head over heels in love with his mistress and again she confronted him.

"She threatened to expose the illicit affair; she warned him to stop it but her hubby got angry and bashed her," said the source.

A family member reportedly intervened and restrained the furious Zingura from further bashing her.

After that his wife phoned Zingura's uncle.

On the following day they drove to Renkini Bus Terminus to meet Zingura's uncle for counselling.

"While the uncle was busy counselling them Zingura burst and hurled unprintable words at his wife.

"In a fit of rage he then went back into his car and his wife followed him before they drove along Luveve Road going to their home.

"Along the way he started insulting his wife again, branding her a prostitute.

"He then let go of the steering wheel to bash his wife and in the process the car swerved off the road and he deliberately didn't control it as he was intending to be involved in an accident," said the source.

The source continued: "When they were near D-Square her hubby stopped the car and Dzumbunu quickly bolted out heading to Entumbane Police Station where she reported the incident."

A source said Zingura was on the run.

Efforts to get a comment from Dzumbunu were fruitless.

Source - B-Metro
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