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Mugabe uses funeral to attack 'imperialism'

by Byo24NEWS
27 Mar 2011 at 14:53hrs | Views
The late Governor and Resident Minister of the Harare Metropolitan Province, David Ishemunyoro Karimanzira, has been laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre in Harare.

Speaking at the burial ceremony, President Robert Mugabe took the opportunity to spread some of the ZANU PF ideology. He said Karimanzira had tried to create power and a plan to devise ways of defeating "imperialism".

President Mugabe also said the National Heroes Acre is a place to preserve of those who sacrificed their lives to liberate Zimbabwe and warned that the 'enemy is still finding ways to destabilise the land reform programme through using some unpatriotic Zimbabweans'.

"Those whites who want to be with us, those outsiders who want to work with us fine, they come in as partners, we are the senior partner, no more the junior partner," he said.

He said the time has now come for Zimbabweans to take charge of their resources and must be major shareholders in any partnership agreement with foreign companies wishing to invest in the country.

"We are taking over. Listen Britain and America: this our country. If you have companies which would want to work in our mining sector, they are welcome to come and join us, but we must have our people as the major shareholders," he added.

President Mugabe said Karimanzira had fought hard to reverse the British mentality that they are the most superior race. He claimed the education system in the country worked towards achieving that notion, a notion he fought to dismantle.

He also appealed to Zimbabweans with technical skills elsewhere to come and help lead in industrial production.

Source - Byo24NEWS